Shah Rukh, Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Dilwale’ Night. Here Are Highlights


Superstars Shah Rukh and Salman Khan created a night to remember for Bigg Boss fans on December 19, when they appeared together on the show for the weekend episode. Shah Rukh came to promote his recently release film Dilwale on Bigg Boss 9, which is hosted by Salman.

Here’s what had happened:

The Karan Arjun co-stars took a leaf out of Jai and Veeru’s (of Sholay) book and entered the main stage on the bike, reciting each other’s famous dialogues.

Salman fancied himself as Don and said, “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai.” Shah Rukh stepped into Salman’sWanted shoes and said: “Ek baar maine commitment kar le toh mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.’

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