Share Your Musical Talent to Calm Shelter Animals: Join the Wild Tunes Club this Summer

HOUSTON: Kids and adults looking for a creative outlet this summer can share their musical talents by joining the Wild Tunes Club. This group of talented musicians volunteers at local shelters to play soothing melodies for animals awaiting their forever homes.

An 11-year-old Houston boy named Yuvi Agarwal launched Wild Tunes, a non-profit organization dedicated to calming animals through music. An animal lover and talented musician, Yuvi had the idea to create Wild Tunes after learning that music provides mental stimulation to animals, reducing their stress. This, in turn, boosts their confidence, making them suitable for fostering or adoption.

“Wild Tunes presents a win-win opportunity for volunteers to practice their musical skills, earn service hours, and, at the same time, make life more bearable for shelter animals,” said Yuvi. “For those who have stage fright, they can flex their musical muscles in front of an audience that will not be judgmental!” Yuvi added.

This summer, Yuvi and Priyanka Agarwal, Yuvi’s mom, and director of Wild Tunes, encourage young and old alike to get involved with the Wild Tunes program to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals.

“The program also serves as a unique platform for local schools, music groups, choirs, bands to engage with a shelter. When more people visit a shelter, there is greater exposure, and higher chances of adoption for animals,” said Agarwal. “Wild Tunes is an out of the box idea that elevates the overall well-being of shelter animals and volunteers alike and offers a dramatically different avenue for community engagement.”

Here’s how it works:

• Choose your favorite instrument – keyboard, string instrument (violin or guitar), or a wind instrument, such as a flute.

• Sign up to volunteer at one of the participating animal shelters – Currently, Wild Tunes partners with the Houston Human Society, Rosenberg Animal Shelter, BARC, Special Pals, and Citizens for Animal Protection. Interested volunteers can visit the Wild Tunes’ website, to register.

  • Visit a shelter – Play music for dogs, cats, and even bunnies!

Students can also earn community service hours by participating in the Wild Tunes program.

“When Yuvi created Wild Tunes, he intended to deliver an outlet that benefitted both animals and humans, and the response has been overwhelming,” said Priyanka. “We are delighted that so many shelters have embraced the idea and look forward to seeing the program continue to grow.

To learn more and to register, visit

About Wild Tunes

Wild Tunes is a non-profit aimed at soothing shelter animals through music. It was started by 10-year-old Yuvi Agarwal, an animal lover and musician. Wild Tunes’ mission is to enrich the lives of homeless animals by encouraging volunteers to routinely play musical instruments to reduce the animals’ anxiety and prepare them to readjust to humans. For more information, visit or contact director Priyanka Agarwal at