Sharman Joshi Charms Houston, Play Presented By Star Promotions

Photos: Dr. Nik Nikam

Rajender Singh of Star Promotions with Sharman Joshi. Photos: Dr. Nik Nikam

By Vanshika Vipin Varma

STAFFORD: Comedy and play lovers in Houston were in for a special treat on Friday, May 11 at the Stafford Civic Center for the famous play- Raju Raja Ram Aur Main. If playing a double-role on screen is perceived as a complex task, we can imagine how demanding it must be to juggle between four roles on stage. Sharman Joshi, in his confident style, did just that with enthusiasm and energy, swiftly fitting in and out of four challenging characters.

The laugh-riot play, directed by Kedar Shinde has an underlying strain of black humor and has been well received in several other parts of the world. This play is a Hindi adaptation of the Marathi play, Sahi Re Sahi. It is the story of an aged business tycoon Madan Sukhnandani (played by Sharman), who catches his young wife Meera having an affair with his personal assistant. In a heated scuffle, his wife accidentally murders Sukhnandani and his corpse is hidden. Sukhnandani has several undated wills in the possession of his daughter and relatives.


The confusion escalates when three look-alikes of Sukhnandani appear, leading to a perfect blend of mystery, humor and excitement. The swift change of Sharman’s character all through the play left the audience in awe. The other seven characters were also witty, exhilarating and inventive and did justice to their roles. A surprise was in store for the audience with the narrator’s voice-over of the legendary Prem Chopra. The emotionally engaging and witty drama portrayed the duality of relationships. This two-and-a-half hour play was nothing short of a Bollywood movie, complete with emotional saga, drama, and melody in form of a dance number.


Sharman Joshi has acted in cult Bollywood movies like 3 Idiots and Rang De Basanti, apart from Golmaal: Fun Unlimited. Sharman and theatre plays go a long way and he has directed and starred in various theatre performances. He appeared as a deaf character in Gujarati version of popular play All the Best, which did over 550 shows in three years. He has been known for his tremendous acting performance and talent, and he enthralled the audience with a glimpse of his acting prowess in this play.


Rajender Singh of Star Promotions, a known name in Houston, has brought to life several entertaining events for North America, in general, and he was the presenter for this show as well. Rajender has a success story in enthralling audiences with the spellbinding magic of Indian cinema. Rajender has won the respect of friends, fans, business associates and industry legends.


Upcoming shows of Star Promotions include Shaan Live in Concert on Saturday, July 7 at Stafford Centre (Cash Road) and Indian Comedian Atul Khatri on August 17. To buy your tickets and for further information call Rajender Singh at 281-222-4500 or visit