Shlok and Aastha to separate in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko…Ek Baar Phir?


In an interview with, published over the weekend, lead actor Avinash Sachdev said that initially he had to receive a lot of flak from fans for getting into Barun Sobti’s shoes in Iss Pyaar Ko season 2 (Sphere Origins). But now, as he mentioned, the same fans have gone on to praise his and his co star Shrenu Parikh’s work in the show.

Well, we are happy for them.

Now putting the spotlight on the show’s plot progression, viewers have already witnessed Shlok (Avinash) and Aastha (Shrenu) getting lost in the jungle after their honeymoon stint.

As seen in the previous episode, they had to face the tribal villagers who intended to test their love for each other. And after passing the test successfully now the couple will make a move and suddenly Aastha will get injured by a poisonous plant and faint. And once again Shlok will save Aastha’s life.

A source informs, “Aastha will be touched by his gesture and the very next moment she will notice a newspaper article mentioning about her father’s arrest.”

The sudden hit will jolt the emotion of love and Aastha will crave to rush back home and be with her beloved father. However, tension will rise when Shlok will stop Aastha from leaving the place, drawing her wrath, and she will go ahead to blame Shlok for all the miseries in her life. Aastha, gripped by rage, will dash out of the jungle all by herself.

Back in the city, Aastha will get to know that her father-in-law Niranjan (Manish Wadhwa) has helped her father to get out on bail. Aastha will spend time with her father, thus giving a miss to Niranjan’s birthday party, which will lead to a misunderstanding between her and her in-laws.

She will come back home and get scolded by her mother-in-law Anjali (Geetanjali Tikekar). And then Aastha will shock everyone when she’ll declare that she does not want to stay with Shlok anymore and she would prefer to part ways with him….

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