SHOCKING: Comedy Nights With Kapil – Heartbreaking Truth


Comedy Nights With Kapil – the show which has won the hearts of almost entire India. But, there is something which will break your heart. We are breaking this story…

Sunil Grover, the powerhouse actor who essays the role of ‘Gutthi’ is all set to quit the show. For us this was a forgone conclusion, because the funny Punjabi girl ‘Gutthi’ was becoming more popular then any other character in the show.

Comedy Nights With Kapil has BittooDadiBuaPalakMrs Sharma and last but not the least Gutthi. Out of all the above, one can very conveniently say that ‘Gutthi’ is the one that is on top of everyone’s mind.

In the recent weeks, Sunil who used to essay other characters as well has stopped doing so and was only concentrating on ‘Gutthi’. According to our sources, Kapil is feeling a bit insecured about the growing popularity for Sunil Grover aka Gutthi and there has been a rift between the two.

Gutthi‘s antics and songs have always left the audiences and the guests in split. But rumours say that Grover, the man behind ‘Gutthi’ has quit the show.

Sunil, as of now, has taken temporary exit from the show. The reason given is very original and new – prior commitments. Apparently, Sunil Grover demanded a raise in his pay package for the show, which was not acceptable by the makers and hence he decided to walk out of it….

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