Showing Gratitude is Always on the Syllabus

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A Grateful Lifestyle Helps Children In and Out of the Classroom

Thanksgiving conjures up thoughts of family gatherings, an abundance of food and, most importantly, gratitude. Thanksgiving is more than just a cultural tradition; it is a time to reflect on what is important to us and our families and to give thanks for the good things in life. Expressing gratitude is said to have many benefits, including an increased sense of self-esteem, higher emotional intelligence, and greater happiness.

At Best in Class, we have much for which to be thankful, from our enthusiastic teachers, who work with a steadfast dedication, to our corporate staff, who are passionate about the success of each center. We also appreciate our clients, who trust us to tutor their children, and our students, who are always eager to learn and improve.

The art of gratitude is an important life lesson to be carried from childhood into adulthood, and parents play an important role in instilling this practice. Best in Class has compiled the following tips for teaching kids how to be appreciative and thankful:
• Incorporate gratitude into everyday conversation. By reinforcing an idea frequently to kids, it becomes second nature. Saying things such as, “I’m so grateful the weather is nice today!” is an easy way to turn up the gratitude.
• Inspire generosity. Donating items or volunteering can help children learn by example and inspires them to do the same.
• Say “thank you” often. There are many ways to lead by example, and by modeling this type of behavior, kids are more likely to catch on. By incorporating “thank you” into your own language, the expression holds more weight and children will be more inclined to follow suit.
• Encourage kids to start a gratitude journal. Studies have traced many benefits to the act of writing down things for which we’re grateful. Writing a few simple sentences once a day allows children to pay attention to the great things in life they might otherwise take for granted.
• Make thank-you notes available. Sending hand-written thank-you notes is a great way to encourage kids to express thankfulness. Thank-you notes can be used for gifts, or even for thanking a teacher at the end of the school year, kind doctors, helpful tutors and even thanking a friend for hosting a sleepover.

This Thanksgiving, and beyond, remember the power of gratitude. Thank you!

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