Shri Ram of Ayodhya Reigns Over Houston

HOUSTON: A new era dawns! History was made on January 10 when Houstonians woke up to a sight never before seen in the city — the skies of Houston was adorned by images of Shri Ram, one of the central Hindu deities, with Ayodhya Ram Temple as the backdrop. Located in a prime location on 59 South at Fountainview, over 1.5 million people will have “Darshan” (viewing) of Hindu deity Shri Ram and Ayodhya Temple as they drive past the billboard each week for a month.

The billboard is the brainchild of Dr. Kusum Vyas of Living Planet Foundation, founder of Green Kumbh Yatra and Save Ram Setu Campaign, who conceived and executed the project with the help of Mr. Umang Mehta. The entire project has been funded by Hindus of Greater Houston – an umbrella organization that aims to inspire and encourage the community by sharing positive vibes and the energy of Sanatan Vedic Dharma.

“In addition to putting Hindus of Greater Houston on the map, the billboard aims to remind the community about the inauguration, in the presence of the world’s leading saints and luminaries on January 22nd in Ayodhya. To mark the momentous the event, a grand celebration is being organized in Houston on January 21st. All are invited to join this celebration,” said Mr. Vijay Pallod of Hindus of Greater Houston.

“Ram Temple at Ayodhya is the result of 500-year-long struggle of sacrifice and determination where many brave men and women laid down their lives. While we cannot personally go to Ayodhya for the inauguration, we want to usher Shri Ram and Ayodhya Temple to Houston. Our aim is to beautify the skyline, create an ambiance which would bring to life Shri Ram and Ayodhya, and make them appear real to the approaching drivers and passengers. I believe we achieved that goal,” said Umang Mehta. “Hindus worship Shri Ram as a Deity of divine love and devotion,
considering Him an ideal human being. Ayodhya is one of the Sapta Puris (seven pilgrimage centers) of Hinduism. The Atharva Veda explains the meaning of Ayodhya to be “the city that is unconquerable.” Ayodhya has lived up to
its name, re-emerging triumphantly as the Temple of Shri Ram,” said Mrs. Thara Narasimhan, President of Hindus of Greater Houston.

“One of our main objectives is to create a billboard that is engaging and visually interconnected to the ethos of Shri Ram and Ayodhya as both are inseparable,” said Dr. Kusum Vyas. “Our design focuses on making the billboard feel
welcoming and emanate the true essence and sanctity Shri Ram and Ayodhya by maximizing daylight, augmented with an atypical use of appropriate colors, bringing warmth and peaceful vibrations to everyone’s experience.”

The billboard may reflect a turning point in the ethnic cultural history of America where a tiny segment of society’s 4-6 million Hindus/Indian-Americans are bringing via their culture andreligion, peace, unity and equality:
Hinduism to America within ways, probably never before seen on US soil. History is indeed made when images of Shri Ram & Ayodhya illuminating the skyline, from a billboard at three hundred feet high, convey the essence of Shri Ram, one of the most revered Hindu deities.