Siddhant Karnick to enter Bigg Boss 9 – conditions apply!


The makers Bigg Boss are gearing up for its ninth season and we have a new name coming our way everyday – some confirmed, some approached and some rumoured. While the makers are busy finding more house mates for the much dreaded house, we have a new name to add to their list… Siddhant Karnick. While most people shy away from being a part of the show and even go ahead to claim that they will never ever appear on a show like Bigg Boss, Siddhant has no such reluctance towards the idea of participating in it… as long as he’s paid a huge some of money.

While talking to BollywoodLife, when asked if would do reality shows Siddhant quipped, “Of course I’d do reality shows.” And ask him if he’ll ever want to be a part of Salman Khan’s show, the Ek Tha Raja Ek This Rani actor instantly adds, “Why not? But they have to pay me DIRTY AMOUNT of money. Like really BAD MONEY, which means so much money that I’ll have to say yes. If they do, then why not?”

Siddhant also confessed that he only takes up television when his account balance goes low. Otherwise he prefers to do theatre since he loves to act and theatre gives more acting scope than the industry. However, it is the latter that pays. His career plan is to work for another 10-12 years and then go on a long adventure trip once his finances are sorted. Well, ‘dirty money’ seems like the right thing to aim for, for his plan to be successful.

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