Sienna Plantation Bollywood Nite


HOUSTON: Last Saturday evening about 1500 Sienna residents and their guests from all over Houston were sitting on a massive green hill, sipping Green Mango and Lychee juices, munching on freshly made dosas, chaat, and biryanis while watching a Bollywood musical unfold.  “I drove all the way from North because it was a Masala event!” said Parimal and Pratima Desai.  Masala Radio & Masala Entertainment presented Bollywood Nite at Sienna Plantation’s Amphitheatre, a gorgeous lakeside venue with rolling hills, quaint gazebo’s and a breeze that brought memories of hill stations in India.

Sienna 3in
“We want to provide a variety of entertainment programs to our over 6000 resident households in Sienna, and could think of no other company but Masala Radio and Masala Entertainment to create a Bollywood Nite,” said one of Sienna’s Community Events Coordinators, Smita Parikh.  “Masala’s Bollywood Fever musical warmed everyone’s heart, while Infused Performing Arts dancers’ energy was incredible!”  DJ Zee opened the evening with an expert mix of the latest Bollywood hits. Sunil Thakkar hyped up the audience with Shaan songs sung by local singer Salman, and gave away 10 tickets to the upcoming Memorial Weekend’s Friday Shaan concert by Bollywood Shows 4 U.

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Next, new to Houston, Payel Mitra charged the momentum with electric songs like “Chittiyaan Kalaiiyaan” and “Chikni Chameli.”  In between Infused’s high voltage Bollywood Dance Blasts, Masala trained actors and dancers presented a musical story of 2 brothers, Ram and Shaam, sent to study in ‘Amreeka’ by their overbearing Punjabi father PK Varma.  Varma hears that the boys are partying more than studying, and recalls them to announce that he has arranged Ram’s marriage to Radha, the pious daughter of his best friend Colonel Sharma.  Retired Colonel Sharma – a former “Sher da Puttre” – is thoroughly tired of eating his Gujarati wife’s constant Gujarati cooking!  The Varma’s bring their daughter to meet future “Dr.Ram”, only to find a mysterious “Leela” flirt-dancing with Ram.   Radha and Leela’s flamingly Bollywood dance-off reveals that Ram is indeed in love with Leela and PK Sharma further concedes that Ram is not going to be a doctor, and that he would offer his second son Shaam – who secretly adores Radha – as the groom, but that Shaam dreams of opening a chain of Punjabi food trucks “Curries in a Hurry…no Worries.”  While Mrs. Varma beats her chest fuming claiming deception, the Colonel’s dream to eat Punjabi food flashes in front of his eyes; he quickly accepts Shaam and insists on investing in his now future son-in-laws Punjabi food truck business.  True to Bollywood, both hero’s get their brides, and everyone bursts out into a song-and-dance finale!  The show was then turned over to the debut performance of Four Measures Bollywood rock band with re-vamped rock versions of Bollywood classics like “Chura Liya” and “Pehla Nasha.”

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Throughout the evening residents enjoyed the variety of dosas and unlimited chutney and sambhar by DGN Factory, formerly Dosa Factory, Houston’s leading Dosa house.  Dosas, Idlis, Vadas, and a 12-item menu were also served by  Vishala Restaurant’s new owners.  Hyderabad House served spicy curries and biryanis, while Mirch Masala chaated things up with Mumbai street foods like Pav Baji and Papdi Chaat.  Kulfi Co debuted their Kulfi Kart of tantalizing Malai, Mango, Pistachio and stunning Rose Kulfi’s.

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The event was commission by Sienna Plantation, providing outstanding quality of life to its current and future residents.   Sponsors included Khurram Virani from Tara Energy who gave away Free Tshirts, Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land giving away $1000 off Golden Tickets, and Anand & Dr. Ashima Chauhan who sponsored the Four Measures Band.  Some of Sienna’s leading developer’s enticed residents with freebies:  sunglasses by Perry Homes, and Masala chai and mehendi by Toll Brothers.  Deep Food’s Umang Mehta gave away a thousand heavenly juices while New York Life and Met Life gave small balloon animal to kids while answering a variety of insurance concerns.