Simple home remedies for headache, BP


Aloe to beat a headache, and wine to strengthen gums – Here’s our pill-free healing guide.

At a time when mindless popping of pills, that could lead to serious health complications, has become the solution to all our medical problems, naturalists suggest to turn to our age-old home remedies. Apart from curing a minor headache to strengthening gums, these home remedies are simple, easy to follow and won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

Sunlight to reduce pain
The closed-room air-conditioned workspace relieves us from the excruciating heat, but also deprives us of sunlight – a natural and potent source of vitamin D3, a nutrient that is essential for the growth of healthy shock absorbing joint cartilage and for preventing painful inflammation inside muscles and joints. The lack of vitamin D3 causes bone pain, especially in the pelvic, back and thigh region. But doctors say, getting 15 minutes of daily sun exposure (without sunscreen) can cut your risk of developing joint pain by 67%. Exposing yourself to the sun can also slow the progression of arthritis, and erase muscle aches within three months. However, if you’re rarely outdoors, cod liver oil supplements and consuming multivitamin tablets that include 800 to 1000 units of vitamin D3 can also prove to be beneficial, say medical experts.

Aloe vera cures headache
Apart from being a great home plant, aloe vera has bountiful health benefits. Aloe vera juice is rich in salicylic acid, acemannan and glucomannan, all powerful painkilling anti-inflammatories, which also help relax sore, tight muscles. Studies show, drinking one to two ounces of the plant juice daily can actually reduce your risk of tension headaches, which is the most common urban complaint. If you find the aloe vera taste bitter, mixing it with orange juice will mask the taste. Combining your usual headache remedy with one ounce of this anti-inflammatory juice could boost your pain relief by as much as 50%. Dabbing its juice on the skin speeds up the healing of cuts and minor burns, too.

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Sesame oil on potatoes tames BP
Blood pressure and diabetes are cited as an epidemic. If you wish to tame the pressure surge, eat a baked potato every day (skin on), and drizzle it with one ounce of sesame oil. According to a British research team, this filling treat could cut your blood pressure down at least 32 points. This happens because each potato is packed with 1,050 milligrams of pressure lowering potassium. And sesame oil is rich in sesamin, which is a rare plant compound that relaxes blood vessel walls, preventing blood pressure spikes.

Fist fight food cravings 
Surveys have shown 90% of people who are attempting to lose weight go off track by instant temptations and food cravings. However, a recent study said, briefly tightening any group of muscles – by clenching the fist, jaw, or scrunching the shoulders – can raise an individual’s willpower for a good two minutes. This helps you fight off the sudden diet-interrupting urges. Clenching muscles signals your brain to ramp up your willpower even more than normal, because you are facing a tough task. So, the next time, you are tempted to wipe off a plate of french fries simply clench your fist.

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