Singh Saab The Great Review

Singh saheb

Sunny Deol returns to the silver screen in a lead role after a long time with Anil Sharma’s Singh Saab The Great. The two previously delivered hits like Gadar: Ek Prem Katha andHero: Love Story Of a Spy and that makes us wonder what happened to the combo now. Bollywood Celebden presents Singh Saab The Greatreview.

Rating: 2.5/5

Just when the Hindi movie audiences are thinking there are sensible movies
The first half follows an honest collector Saranjit Singh Talwar (Sunny Deol) in UP, who is busy working his bum off and kissing his teenaged wife’s (Urvashi Rautela) exposed back every three minutes. He is honest and is very honest about it and prides in his honesty. Honestly speaking, that is exactly the kind of behavior that irks off all the baddies in such films. He is thrown in jail for false accusations and spends a good while in jail. He comes out and still (somehow) manages to retain his previous attitude and this time, he takes to beating up baddies to a fine pulp with his bare hands.

Every time he beats some baddie boy up, he gives a tongue-bashing before the actual bashing. Sunny Deol’s fans might perceive that as some Wah wah dialog but the rest of the lesser mortals like us are bored beyond our tolerance levels with those dialogs.

The morals of the protagonist and the crimes of the antagonist seem to have the same roots- Religion and Patriarchy. There is another disastrous scene in the movie which made me want to throw my newly bought shoes at the screen. The Singh Saab, who takes great pride in bashing up (for convenience) thieves; just counsels a boy who is about to throw acid on a girl’s face by saying “pataofy her with your love, instead of violence”. So the acid-man is let loose on the world, having no lesson learnt….

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