SOS Launches the Hidden Gems Program

Farida Hasanali, Ajit John

Farida Hasanali, Ajit John



Raj Malani, Vivek Mehta, Jugal Malani

Raj Malani, Vivek Mehta, Jugal Malani


Sayli Kulkarni,Qusai Mahesri

Sayli Kulkarni,
Qusai Mahesri



Parthesh Kalathia, Bob Flexon

Parthesh Kalathia, Bob Flexon



From left: Ajay Sarpeshkar, Vivek Mehta, Radhika Kudchadkar, Swapan Dubey, Sayli Kulkarni, Biki Mohindra, Briseida Luna, Qusai Mahesri, Amit Patil, Farida Hasanali, Zarir Mehta.



Bill Jackson, Nita Jackson, Ajay Sarpeshkar



Val Gibbs, Vivek Mehta



From left: Back Row: Ami Desai, Brandon Clark, Meher Rustomji, Parthesh alathia, Kunal Dora, Radhika Kudchadkar,Swapan Dubey, Payal Channa, Kalpita Shah, Sandra Barbarella-Liu, Nikki Desai, Nilima Bembalkar, Sundeep Makker. Front row, from left: Rishi Goswami, Sonya Mehta, Rozat Fidvi.

By Farida Hasanali

HOUSTON: On Wednesday, September 19,  the Share Our Secrets (SOS) Group launched its Hidden Gems Program at the River Oaks Country Club. The audience included SOS Members from the current class year, alumni, Circle of Influence members, Connect members and a few select guests that embodied the spirit of being a hidden gem.

The Hidden gems program was created to identify and highlight accomplished people who have either affected our lives or have the potential to help the next generation which includes both members of SOS as well as people of our larger community. The program features people who make a difference and are willing to pay it forward. Award recipients are identified locally as well as in small towns surrounding the Houston metropolitan area.

This year five very special people were honoured. Bob Flexon, CEO of Dynegy was honoured by Parthesh Kalathia, an SOS current year student. Jugal and Raj Malani, owners, Unique Industrial Product Company and Valerie Gibbs, city president for Bank of Texas were honoured by Vivek Mehta, Chairman of SOS, Qusai Mahesri, president, Xpediant Solutions was honoured by Sayli Kulkarni, an SOS alumni and current treasurer, and Bill Jackson, executive director/county budget officer was honoured by Ajay Sarpeshar, also an SOS alumni and current Media Relations Director.

“As CEO of Dynegy, Bob is at least 5 levels above me, but I’ve never felt that gap. Bob saw through the levels, gave me credit for my efforts, and believed in my potential. When an opportunity arose to do what I have always wanted to do, Bob expressed his support in my abilities when no one else did. Thank You for being the Hidden Gem in my life,” said Parthesh as he handed Mr. Flexon a crystal gem award as a token of his gratitude.

For Sayli Kulkarni, Qusai Mahesri has been more than just a boss. He is her mentor in her professional and personal life. Sayli’s thirst for knowledge and her desire to grow as a person is what encouraged Qusai to support her. Over the past two years he has guided Sayli on finding and building inner strength and courage, which has allowed her to tackle difficult emotional issues with grace and courage. “Qusai, thank you for helping me grow as an employee, a mother, a wife, and a daughter. I am very grateful for your presence in mine and my family’s life,” said Sayli gratefully.

Jugal and Raj Malani barely need an introduction in the Indian community. They are kind hearted and always ready to help anyone in need.  Their philanthropic endeavours are selfless and they remain humble and respectful to everyone whose lives they touch. “These qualities are what really attracted me to nominate them for this award,” said Vivek Mehta.

“Valerie Gibbs is my role model,” said Vivek of his second nominee. Valerie is a dynamic banker and has made a name in the financial industry at a seniority level that has been ruled by men. She has broken the barriers of entry and is a role model not just for women but everyone who wants to climb the corporate ladder in life.

Ajay Sarpeshkar’s message for Bill Jackson was heartfelt. “Bill embodies the vision of a CEO, discipline of a COO, business acumen of a CFO, and most importantly the compassion of a leader,” said Ajay as he thanked Bill for his kindness and humility.

Last but certainly not least, the SOS community recognized someone very special. Ajit John, partner at Wheatstone Resources Group was honoured for his support of SOS for the past three years. Ajit has generously shared his office conference room for three years to allow SOS to hold its classes. He was always there to ensure we were comfortable…we couldn’t have done it without you Ajit…The SOS Family.



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