Spectacular Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2017 by Hindus of Greater Houston & ISKCON of Houston


HOUSTON: Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH)& ISKCON celebrate this year’s auspicious Krishna Janmashtami (birthday of Lord Krishna) at ISKCON’s temple at 1320 West 34th St., Houston, on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 from 6pm till midnight.

For the first time in years the HGH-sponsored event will be held at a venue other than the George Brown Convention Center bringing the best from 28 years of celebration from HGH and 39 years for ISKCON.

The premiere community-wide festival—observed on the actual divine astrological evening—is free and open to all, a perfect event to invite neighbors and colleagues to showcase the rich Hindu culture which contributes to Houston’s diversity.

The evening runs on two simultaneous tracks: cultural programs in the Gauranga Community Hall, and continuous kirtan (chanting of the Holy Names of God in call-and-response fashion) in the temple. 


In the temple, traditionally decorated with a multitude of fresh flowers, will be kirtan, spectacular darshan (audience) of the Lord, 3 aratis (worship ceremonies) at 7:00, 9:00 & midnight, and a discourse on the importance of Janmashtami.

A special attraction will be Gau-puja—honoring Mangala, the cow—recently acquired and cared for by ISKCON, demonstrating Hindus’ reverence for all life. The cow is particularly revered as a mother, since she supplies sustenance in the early years of one’s life.

The cultural festivities commence with a children’s costume contest, followed by Odissi dance, a fusion number by Gaura Klein & friends, and a drama by ISKCON youth.

“The joint celebration of its signature event Janmashtami with ISKCON clearly demonstrates Hindus of Greater Houston’s commitment to its motto of “Bringing Hindus together”. We are confident that multitudes of Houston Hindus will gather at the temple to rejoice at this sacred occasion,” says Partha Krishnaswamy, President of HGH. 

“Serving on the advisory board of the both HGH and ISKCON, I feel very fortunate to be able serve on this initiative for the greater good of not only these two organizations but for Houstonians at large ,” says Dr Hansa Medley.

There will be opportunities to perform abhishek (ceremonial bathing of the Deity), jhulan (swinging the Lord), guided mantra meditation around the sacred basil (tulsi) plant, anointing with tilak (sacred clay) and children’s activities. Vendors will offer literature & other items.

Nila Madhava’s Boutique in the temple building offers Indian musical instruments & CDs, art, clothing, jewelry, books & a variety of snacks.

Although the delicious free vegetarian dinner is always a crowd favorite, attendees also have the option to dine at Govinda’s, ISKCON’s popular new vegetarian restaurant, right on the temple property.  Parking is not available at the temple. Free and convenient parking and shuttle service will be available from Northwest Mall.

For further information, contact Vijay Pallod at 713-562-1920. Visit www.hindusofhouston.org  or iskconhouston.org/janmastami