Sreepadam’s Varnamudrika -A Colorful Feast!


HOUSTON: Once again, Divyaa Unni’s Sreepadam School of Arts has stunned local art rasikas with its vibrant production of “Varnamudrika – Fingerprints of Light.” The students at Sreepadam School of Arts thematically bought colors to life at their annual recital, and the portrayal of these colors on stage, came with a powerful ability to play with the minds of the audience. In an instant, they would refresh minds with happiness, and at another, instill fear. Some colors filled the audience with warmth, while some sparked calmness. Truly, each color had a story to tell! The theme took the audience away from their daily hustles of life into a few relaxing hours – to the wonderful world of colors.


The production was loaded with all the bells and whistles presenting justice to the theme. The spectacular choreography was complimented with the consciously selected beautiful costumes, and the fine, euphonious introductions. The music for every item was carefully picked and well edited, to stay within the fabric of the theme. The program kicked off with the singing of the American and Indian national anthems by one of the younger students, followed by the senior students performing a “Ganapathi Vandana” – the invocation dance. Again, the choreography and the beautiful movements of the students were par excellence, and were a treat to the eyes. Divyaa Unni herself, graced the stage, and all eyes were fixated on her, as she moved effortlessly, but with propriety and elegance. Soon after, entered the colors; be it the royalty of the violet, stillness of the blue, energetic vibes of the divine yellow, or the vibrancy of the red, each color in the spectrum presented itself by way of eye-catching performances.


All these colors dictate our moods and emotions and stimulate our intellect in different ways. Colors are so intrinsic to nature. Imagine the world without colors, one color throughout. It would seem so different and uninteresting! Our nature is artistically painted in stunning colors, the more we explore, more of mother nature’s secrets are revealed, and she speaks to us by way of colors. This recital did tap into the intellect, to bring out a new appreciation of the universe, which is a perfect blend of colors that dance in unison, and make our little worlds very beautiful places in which to live!

The program was attended by families and friends of 120+ performers, who ranged from 5 year olds to adults. Stafford’s Mayor Pro Tem, Mr. Ken Mathew, was in attendance as well. Sreepadam School of Arts has been conducting theme based recitals in Houston for the last 14 years; enhancing the enjoyment of learning for its students. The theme is integrated into the dances they perform, thus enabling them to truly understand the underlying concepts of the dance, and further enable them to unite with the dance.

A generous portion of proceeds of this program benefitted The Banyan organization that has been an integral part of the chain of care for people with mental illness in Chennai.