Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha Celebrates 2nd Anniversary Festival


HOUSTON: Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha hosted its grand annual festival on July 4 & 5 to celebrate the second anniversary of the installation of the Deities of Sri Sri Radha Govindaji, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Sri Sri Sita Rama Laksmana Hanumanji.

The celebrations started on July 4th with Mangal Aarti at 5:30 am. This was followed by kirtan, bhajans and Srimad Bhagavat Katha. Their Lordships, dressed in a beautiful pink dress, mesmerized hundreds of devotees who visited the temple throughout the day.

The main celebration started at 5 PM with chanting of bhajans and Hare Krishna mahamantra. This was followed by an enlivening discourse by His Holiness BV Dandi Maharaja who explained that the Deity of the Lord is not an inert, non-living statue. The Lord actually resides in His Deity and reciprocates profusely with those devotees who serve Him with love and affection. After this, His Holiness BV Tirtha Maharaja eloquently explained the meaning of Gaudiya as those who follow Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and do not worship Krishna alone but with His eternal pleasure potency, Sri Radha. He further explained that Matha is a place where one has the facility to attend spiritual classes and understand Vedic injunctions under the guidance of bonafide teachers. That’s why our temple is called a Matha.

Gaudiya 3in

The discourses were followed by a cultural program presented by the Gurukula students and the congregation members. This includes two dramas, devotional songs and dances. A very special Krishna bhajan was sung by the South Indian devotees that included prayers in four different languages.

After this, Vishnu das Prabhu presented the Annual Report of the temple wherein he highlighted the progress the temple has made in the last year. He emphasized that the main achievement of the temple was the significant increase in the participation of the congregational members in various services and activities at the temple. He also presented the temple expansion plans which include a new Altar and Srila Gurudeva’s vigraha; adding space for the prasadam hall; a new & larger gift shop; additional class rooms, residential rooms and parking spaces. Several people pledged donations for the various projects. This will enable the temple to start the new construction work soon. (If you would like to make a pledge, please contact Vishnu Prabhu at contact details given below).

The program was concluded with ‘Vote of Thanks’ delivered by the temple president, Tarun Krishna Prabhu. He thanked numerous devotees and members who have been serving the temple selflessly. He also specifically recognized certain individuals who have rendered exceptional services.

This was followed by an ecstatic aarti and a delicious vegetarian feast.

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The program continued the next day morning with a Vaishnava Maha-Yajna that was officiated by His Holiness Tirtha Maharaja. Over 150 devotees took part in the two-and-half hour long Yajna and offered oblations to the fire with chanting of ‘Svaha’. Throughout the Yajna, Maharaja described the meaning of various mantras and rituals. He explained that the purpose of the Yajna was to please the Lordships and pray for Their causeless mercy and devotion as well as removal of all bad effects and obstacles in our lives. He also prayed for everlasting peace and happiness for everyone – those who were present as well as those who were not present. The Yajna was followed by Bhoga Aarti and another elaborate vegetarian feast.

Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha temple is located at 16628 Kieth Harrow Blvd, Houston, TX 77084. Every Sunday bhajans and kirtan start at 5 PM; Spiritual Discourse (English) at 6 PM; Aarti at 7 PM followed by delicious healthy prasadam. Gurukula for children in grades K-12 is at 5:45 PM. Hindi classes (levels 1 and 2) are at 5 PM. For more information, please visit our website: or call (832) 464-4686.