Sri Govindaji Vedic School Kicks off Tree Planting Project


Photo: Rishika Dewan

HOUSTON: On Sunday, June 12, the children of Sri Govindaji Vedic School gathered to undertake a project that is expected to plant a seed of tradition and set a precedent among community members. With their small hands and tiny fingers, they each placed a sapling into a little cup and matted soil around the roots to ensure that their plant had enough nutrients to grow. In doing so, they accepted a responsibility that is rooted in deep tradition. Vedic scriptures teach us the sacredness of Mother Earth and the responsibility that each of us has towards preservation of the environment. The children will nurture the saplings regularly by watering and tending to them. Once these saplings grow into Texas Red Oak and papaya trees, they can be used in the service of Lord Krishna and His devotees by providing shade, offering fruits, producing oxygen, removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, creating a home for a vast number of jivas, and adding beauty to the temple. Other devotees of the temple also planted saplings in memory of loved ones. These saplings were donated very graciously to Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha by Dr. Kusum Vyas, founder of Living Planet Foundation and the Green Yatra Action Network (GYAN).  We pray that this project bears the sweet fruits of inspiring our children and our larger community to continue performing seva.

Sri Govindaji Vedic School is open during the academic school year and the summer. To enroll your child, please contact Vimla Agrawal at (281) 949-8351.