Sri Meenakshi Temple Vedic Heritage School (VHS) Year End Program


Photo: Milind Patil

By  Mahesh Iyer

PEARLAND: Sri Meenakshi Temple’s Vedic Heritage School (VHS) put up a grand annual Year End Program on May 15.

VHS program started in year 2000 has grown over the years. The event was truly special for the 200 children that participated because it offered an opportunity to demonstrate what they learned over the academic year. About 15 teachers orchestrated the entire event, fully supported by senior board members. While the students reenacted religious epics, many college students helped with the logistics. The parents enthusiastically video taped the performance and encouraged the participants.

VHS has been gathering unprecedented momentum over the last several months, which of course is essential to the sustained indoctrination of Hindu values, to the next generation. For the upcoming academic year, VHS curriculum also includes a newly revamped chess coaching program.

The Chairman of the temple, Sockalingam Narayanan, awarded the graduation certificates to the final year students and thanked the Teachers, Volunteers and VHS coordinator, Mahesh Iyer, for overseeing the VHS activities.