Sri Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations 2016 at Sri Meenakshi Temple


By Seshagiri Pabbisetty

PEARLAND: As is well recognized Sri Meenakshi Temple has been a place of miracles. Sunday May 22 was another day of a miracle with a gloomy weather forecast of a day-long thunder showers turning out to be a bright cloudy day by the grace of Sr Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari, an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi in Kali Yuga. As aptly expressed by our coordinator, Sri Vinay Kumar, She blew the dark clouds away, so the devotees can be showered with Her blessings, rather than rain showers!!  With Her blessings Her birthday was joyously celebrated with religious reverence by Her devotees as Sri Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations.

It is a Day, not only celebrating the birth day of Sri Vasavi but also celebrating Her life and Her teachings by refreshing our memories and seeking Her grace through worshipping Her for a virtuous and happy life.  She was remembered for showing that violence can be prevented by non-violence and self-sacrifice, and for safeguarding the dignity and honor of womanhood by offering herself to the God of Fire, Agni – Atmarpanam or Atma Balidaan, thus becoming an immortal.  She preached three core values:  Dharmam, Seelam and Ahimsa.  She represented the importance of Education, Art and Music, Dance and in particular, free will for women.  She emphasized religious/spiritual living, that assures freedom from temptations as well as the protection from disruption of family traditions.


The celebrations got started with Homam, Kalasa procession from Ganapathi temple to Her Sannidhi followed by Abhishekam, Pushpa Alankaram and Ashtothara Pooja with silver coins with Her image (sponsored by the devotees and given later to the devotee families) – another new feature.   Highlight of the Jayanthi celebrations is the Grand procession around the temple with all the devotees sharing their blissful joy with one another – a truly spectacular and spiritual sight to behold.

Later devotees gathered at the Cafeteria for Mahaprasadam.  As they were enjoying the delicious food the CTRP Fundraising team gave an excellent presentation about the Corner Temple Renovation project.  It was very delightful to come to know the expansion of the Sannidhi giving more space for the devotees.  In fact, the devotees could have a samoohika Pooja in future!  An appeal to funding the project was very generously supported by the devotees.

Committee thanks the priests, Sri Pavan Kumar and Sri Parameswaran, for giving us a blissful experience especially with the Grand Pushpa Alankaram.   Decorations were expertly done by RAC committee under the leadership of Padmini Nathan. The cafeteria staff, under leadership Rani Chilukuri., were praised for their delicious food and expert service.  MTS thanks all the coordinators for the event Dhani Kannan, Chandrakala Gupta, Vinay Kumar & Renuka, Ramesh Akarapu & Madhavi, ShankaraRao Pabba & Jyothi and Karunaka Chowdavarapu & Krishnaveni.