Sri Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari Jayanthi Celebrations at MTS


PEARLAND: Sri Meenakshi Temple celebrated Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari Jayanthi on Sunday, May 19th, 2019. It couldn’t have been a better festive day with a picture-perfect weather and ecstatic devotional kolattam dance by Vasavi Vanithas for Sri Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari in the Raja Veedhi of Meenakshi Temple. The festivities are a part of Sri Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations — an Annual Celebration to worship Sri Vasavi as an incarnation of Adi Parasakthi and to commemorate Her birth as well as the legacy She left behind: An oldest Apostle of

Love, Peace and Non-violence besides being an upholder of women’s freedom of choice.
Bharath Ratna Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Past President of India, has indeed very rightly described Goddess VASAVI as the first ever known embodiment of non-violence in the world. Her path of non-violence was later tread by Jesus Christ, Goutam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. She taught the world harming oneself or others isn’t the way forward but bringing a change of heart is what matters in averting wars.

Her incarnation was to help a cursed gandharva prince (Shapa Grastha Gandharva) who takes birth as King Vishnuvardhana attain salvation. According to Vasavi Puranam written by Sri Bhattacharya She was born into the royal vysya couple, Kusuma Shreshti and Kusumamba after Her parents performed the Yagna for children.

From a young age, Vasavi was interested in fine arts, philosophical and spiritual subjects. She had no interest in the material world but did show human empathy and served the needy. She devoted Her life to be in the service of Lord Shiva and vowed to remain celibate as Gowrabalika.

In quite contrast to Her virtuous desire King Vishnuvardhana, who was served by Her father as a tributary king, was captivated by Her beauty and desired to marry Her.
Much against Her fierce resistance to his desire, he decides to marry Her even if that necessitated waging a war against Her father.

To prevent blood-shed and uphold the dignity and Honor of Women Goddess Vasavi condemned his desire and decided to sacrifice Herself into the sacred fire (Atmahuthi or Atmarpanam).

She performed agni-pravesham along with elderly couples from the 102 Gotraja families. At that time she was only 10+ years and hence regarded as Kanyaka.

From this sacrificial fire, she revealed Her Vishwa Roopam as the Mother Goddess Adi Parasakthi to the 102 families gathered and gave Her message. She advised them to lead a life of non-violence and to practice agriculture, commerce and gau (Go) Raksha and blessed the community with prosperity and abundance. From there on she was worshipped as Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Devi.

At the MTS Temple all the Vasavi Devotees gathered as annually done, to do homam followed by Shodasa Upachara pooja ably conducted by our learned priests. After Aarathi Her Pallaki with Her Utsav Vigraham was carried in a procession around the temple as the enchanted devotees sing Bhajan and dance in ecstatic mood. Overall it had been another memorable holy event at our temple.

Please click on the link to view a short video of the kolattam dance: