Stand-up Comedian Russell Peters: Almost Famous

Russell 1in

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: An hour of pure entertainment filled with hysterical laughter. Houstonians had an opportunity to meet Russell Peters this past weekend. Having two of his shows sold out, Houston got the chance to experience his Almost Famous World Tour on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 January at the Cullen Performance Hall.

Peters is a Canadian born Indian. He first started his career in Toronto in Canada, in the late 1980’s and has had a successful career in stand-up comedy ever since.

There is never a moment in his show that you will not laugh your guts out. Russell Peters is largely spontaneous, witty and quick on his feet; it is a part of him. He starts off with personal experiences, then he picks on the audience, which usually consists of racist and raw jokes. His R- Rated comedic material can be cringe worthy but, yet has the audience wanting more. It is part of the show spirit to enjoy and have an open mind about his humor.


Houston’s thoughts on the Show:

Siva Kumar Juturi
Going second time to his show was even wittier, funnier and rip-tickling for me. I cannot recollect even a single line that was a repeat from his last show. Would rate him as the #1 global stand-up comedian who can appeal to all cultures and races.

Kavita Tewary
Russell Peters defines stand up comedy, he is inherently a very funny and smart man. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. He talks about stuff that we go through day to day life and he makes it seem funny some how.

Tanaz Choudhury
The Russell Peters Show was hilarious, a wonderful investment in laugh therapy ! We enjoyed the evening as not only was Russell very good, and even the opening acts were funny! Just a word of caution though… no minors under 18, since we were sitting right next to the 13 year old kid that got pulled up and the parents who were beyond embarrassed.

Asha Pai Dhume
Thoroughly enjoyed the Russell peters show this past weekend. He was at his hilarious best and in his full element at this show. He still manages to adapt to his audience and successfully tailor his jokes to the crowd which is very commendable. Looking forward to seeing him next time.

Sunil Thakkar
Russell is god of spontaenuous comedy.  He can say something funny about anything.  I wish I was that talented.   We had him on the masala cruise 6 years ago.  But I do wish he had done some more of his own routine than just pick on the audience the entire nite

Preanka Desai
Russell Peters was hilarious. Not as raunchy as he was the last time; picking on audience members and tailoring jokes to their situation is a skill he has mastered. His opening acts Sarah Tiana and Chris were entertaining and funny as well. Ushers and event staff had strict instructions to prevent any cellphone/electronic device use, and monitored continuously. He even picked on a lady who received a phone call during the middle of the show, embarrassing her into quickly hanging up. Back in 2004 when he did standup comedy on Masala Cruises, he was just as funny and has certainly moved up in the comedic hierarchy with his sold out shows…two back-to-back.