Stress Management Tips for Final Exams

Best In Class

The end of the school year is an exciting time for students as summer is right around the corner. It also marks the time for final exams and students may start to stress. Worrying about these tests can cause anxiety and could result in poor test grades. Best in Class Education Center has provided some stress management tips to help students stay healthy and calm for final exams.

Prepare a Study Schedule
Many students may feel that the best way to study is to perform late night cram sessions. However, working into the wee hours of the night could result in a lack of sleep and could even add to the anxiety. Schedule pockets of time during the week for your child to devote to studying. This can be an hour or two after school, a few minutes during lunch, or during Saturday morning after a good night’s sleep. Making an actual schedule with designated times for each subject can help ensure that students are not overworking or procrastinating, both of which, are an underlying cause of stress.

Take a Quick Walk
During study sessions, students will need stimulation in other ways as well. Sitting for hours looking at a textbook or a computer screen could cause more harm than good. To liven up the study session, encourage your child to go on a quick walk around the neighborhood or to perform a quick exercise. Some physical stimulation will wake the body up, leaving the brain feeling refreshed for more studying.

Listen to Music
Try popping in your child’s favorite music or classical tunes to ease the mood. Making a playlist of songs that gets them pumped up can be a fun activity as well.

Treat Yourself with a Snack
Kids may need some brain food during their study sessions. A quick reprieve and a snack of fresh fruits, nuts, or vegetables will help provide energy to continue studying.
You can even make it into a fun study game. Pick their favorite sweet treat and set a goal and a timer for your kids to accomplish a studying feat. Reward them with their favorite treat if they accomplish it.

Unplug From Technology
After a long day of studying, a student may want to just unwind with some TV or play a game on their computer, but consuming more technology may undo all the studying that occurred. At the end of each studying session, have your children unplug from technology. Shut off the TV, social media, and even cell phones. Doing so will help them find other activities to stimulate their minds, such as reading a book or playing a game with the family.

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