Sultan is taking a toll over Salman Khan’s HEALTH!


Well if you thought that Sultan might be a cake walk for Bhaijaan Salman Khan, then HOLD ON. Bhai is having a tough time while shooting the film especially while filming the fight sequences which is quite intense. Salman who is playing a wrestler has to do some serious fights with his opponents and these fights seem to be taking a toll over his health.

A source informs,” A few days back Khan was shooting for all the dhobi pachad fight scenes, and in one of these, he had to lift one his opponent and drop him on the floor and while filming and during this, he got a severe muscle sprain in his back which was quite painful. Though the actor was immediately given first aid, his pain didn’t subside and was advised to take a day off from the shoot”.

The source added,” Salman will soon resume and finish the fight sequence because after that, the entire cast and crew including Anushka Sharma will be heading to Delhi, Haryana and Punjab for a month to shoot the prominent part of the film. They will be leaving on April 10 and will be back in May.”

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