Sundru J. Malkani: Engineer, Bridge Enthusiast and Spiritualist

Dec. 4, 1932–May 11, 2017

Dec. 4, 1932–May 11, 2017

By Jawahar Malhotra

HOUSTON: Most people knew Sundru Malkani was very fond of tennis and bridge and he offered free lessons to anyone who approached him. He coached his sons in tennis and chess, which are treasured memories for them. Malkani even coaxed many of his friends into playing bridge well, a game that he loved and played into his last days.

Sundru J. Malkani passed away last Thursday, May 11, 2017, succumbing to cancer of the bone marrow. He had previously successfully fought multiple myeloma, which was in remission. He was 84 years-old, and is survived by his wife of 56-years, Mamu and his two sons, Ravi an electrical engineer, his wife Rashmi, a law graduate and member of the Malaysia Bar, and their daughter Pranaya, 11 who all live in San Diego, CA; and Subhash, a media and communications graduate who lives in Houston.

Malkani was born in Sindh, India and the family moved after Partition in 1947 to Bombay. His father Jashan was an engineer who worked for the Indian government and his mother Draupadi was a home maker. Malkani finished his School in Bombay at Jai Hind College. He had a younger brother Hiru who passed away in a plane accident in 1975.

Malkani moved to the US in 1952 to attend University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and earned a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. He worked at Cape Cavernal in Florida after graduation and then for Boeing Aircraft in Seattle. In 1959 he moved back to Bombay and worked for Esso. With the intention to remain in India, he was married to Mamu Mansukhani in 1961 and they had their first child Ravi in 1962.

That same year, he got a job offer from Shell Oil Co. in New York City and moved there with his family. The Malkani’s second son Subhash (more commonly known as Subi) was born in 1964. Shell moved Malkani to Los Angeles, back to New York and ultimately to Houston in 1970 where the couple quickly developed a large group of friends in the Indian community.

After his retirement in 1992, the Malkanis spent their time traveling and both became very spiritual. Sundru studied the Bhagavad Geeta under his Guru the late Swami Hariharji Maharaj of New Delhi who had started a group called Geeta Ashram which has many chapters in the US. Malkani was the President of the Gita Ashrams of America and headed the chapter in Houston.

Funeral services and viewing for Sundru Malkani were held on Tuesday, May 16, from 11am – 1 pm at the Garden Oaks Funeral Home on Bellaire Blvd in Houston, A bhog and kirtan was held at 6 pm on Thursday, May 18 at the Gurdwara Sahib of Southwest Houston on Lindita Dr. and Highway 6.