Suneja Nominated as Global Goodwill Ambassador on LinkedIn

SUNEJA_INBy Jawahar Malhotra

KATY, TX: As if a stressful cardiology practice, being certified in five different medical boards, and taking care of thousands of patients over the 26 years of practice aren’t enough demands on your time, Dr. Randeep Suneja has always found the time to juggle other aspects of his personality. He is also a devoted father, devout Hindu and eager philanthropist who has donated to many causes.

While others may scratch their heads over how he finds the time, Suneja carries forward with the zeal of a man on a mission, and moves so fast in the corridors at his practice that it sometimes seems like he is on roller skates and his staff can’t keep up! But he is deeply devoted to his patients and spends much time with them to assess their condition.

So when the news came on September 4 that he was being nominated as the Global Goodwill Ambassador on LinkedIn he was pleasantly surprised and he took it in stride. “I am humbled by the nomination, “said Suneja on learning the news. “There are approximately 5,000 Ambassadors from 148 countries in the program which is based on the 500 million LinkedIn network!” He was nominated by Richard DiPilla, founder and Lisa Jones, Executive President and COO of GGA, a five year-old organization that recognizes people for humanitarian work, and confirmed by the Board.

“Currently Ambassadors are represented from the full spectrum of people from doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and social workers,” explained Suneja. “The US has about 350 Ambassadors and the selection process by the Board is based on a person’s history of involvement in the non-profit world.”

Richard DiPilla, an expert in strategy, communication and social media, created the Global Goodwill Ambassadors initiative (on the LinkedIn social media forum) with a simple mission: to recognize people from every nation, race, color, and socio-economic caste, who do goodwill toward others. GGA looks at the volunteering, charitable, or humanitarian works of any individual.

Suneja is no stranger to volunteering as the list of his activities is indeed very long: Katy ISD PACE Program Mentor since 2000;  American Heart Association Katy Chapter President 2000-2002 and then Chairman 2002-2004; India House, former Joint Secretary and Board Member since 2005; MAMCO AANA: former President 2014-2015 and current Board Member;  Pratham (Houston Chapter) Vice President 2017-2019; voted Citizen of Year 2006 by AHA; voted Citizen of the Year 2015: Katy Chamber of Commerce; selected in Top Doctors of Houston and Katy numerous times and serving rural Texas with a monthly Cardiology Clinic in Sealy for the past 20 years.

And he has raised funds for many other groups too: for Katy ISD Foundation since 2015; run marathons to raise money, including the upcoming Houston Half Marathon on January 20, 2019 to raise $26,000 for Pratham; participated in Health Fairs in Houston with Methodist West Hospital, the Arya Samaj of Greater Houston and BAPS Swami Narayan Temple and took part in medical missions in rural India.

As if that wasn’t enough, Suneja gleefully disclosed another activity he is doubly proud. “Today I became part of Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) for our 10-year-old twins at Hayes Elementary in Katy ISD! It is a national organization where Dads spend one day of the year in the school.”