Sunny Leone: Splitsvilla 8 Is All About What Women Love


After seven successful seasons, Splitsvilla season 8 is all set to woo its audience yet again. The season 8 of Splitsvilla is already soaring the temperatures high with its promo. The promo of the upcoming show is endearing with its charm and uniqueness. Unlike every season, this time’sSplitsvilla will be all about women, yes! The boys in the show will now work hard to impress the girls.

The upcoming season is much in limelight because the most beloved host of the series Rannvijay will be coming back. The handsome hunk Rannvijay is looking all stylish and dashing in the promo and we can’t wait for it to begin. The other surprise in this season of Splitsvilla is dazzling Sunny Leone, the gorgeous lady will be co-hosting the season 8 with Rannvijay.

Sporting a highly glamorous bikini like attire, Sunny is looking fantastic and magnificent in the promo. The show which has always been about finding the true love will be keeping its base same, however the only twist this time will be that the boys will have a hard time impressing the girls. The season 8 will be fully concentrated on the women’s needs and the guys will have to face challenges relating to that aspect.

The promo of the show is promising as always, with glamour, drama, emotions, cat fights and exotic locations, Splitsvilla as we all know is incomplete without its share of thrills and shocks, this season will also have its quota of confusing ties, breaking friendships, love hate bonds etc.

With the hunks battling it out on the love field of Splitsvilla, the show is all set to hit the TV screens from July 4.

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