Sur Sang: One of the Multi-faceted Offerings by CICMH

CICMH in 1

HOUSTON: This Sunday April 22, Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston (CICMH) presents another concert in its SUR SANG series. The concert will feature, for the first time ever in Houston, the Living Legend of Sitar, Ustad Shahid Parvez and the world-renowned Flautist Maestro Shashank together on the same stage – playing both solo and duets. They will be accompanied by two brilliant rhythm artists – Shri Hindole Majumdar on Tabla and Shri Parupalli Phalgun on Mridangam. A rare opportunity indeed to experience the epitome of Indian Classical Music – a confluence of Hindustani and Carnatic styles.

Sur Sang is one of many musical offerings brought to the Space City by CICMH, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose unique mission is to present the many facets of Indian Classical Music in the most holistic manner.

Saadhana Pariwar, the celebrated Gurukul of CICMH has completed 15 years of its glorious journey, providing initiation and imparting taalim to three generations of the Indian diaspora. With technology to bridge physical distances, aspiring learners from different parts of the world pursue their musical dreams online at this Gurukul while experiencing the richest possible level of hands-on training from a Guru of world repute.

CICMH stages world-renowned performers in a gorgeous ambiance, while it presents the budding musicians under its wings in different innovative platforms, the most unique of which, is perhaps Saadhana Samvid – a series where each member of the Gurukul, get an opportunity to perform solo in a meticulously organized concert set up. Also notable is Saadhana Unmesh, a grand evening presenting all the disciples of the Gurukul. For the more serious learners is the Ganda-bhandhan, a formal acceptance by the Guru, followed by Manch Pravesh, the formal stage appearance.

These multifarious events bear testimony to the fact that, CICMH Founder Pandit Suman Ghosh, despite being a renowned performing artist, appearing on some of the most coveted stages in India himself, manages the near impossible task of carving out time to conceptualize plan and stage such events to propagate Hindustani music in the purest form.