Surangan Music School’s Annual Day

HOUSTON: Surangan Music School celebrates Surangan’s annual program ‘Surangan Day-2021’ with students and well-wishers. As we know, we are not yet completely free from epidemics, even the various forms of viruses such as Delta and Omikron are spreading rapidly. Ongoing epidemics have made our daily lives extremely difficult and yet every program is forced to do so through virtual formats. It is true that virtual performances are not as perfect as performing in front of a live audience.

Considering the overall situation, this year Rupa Ghosh, in collaboration with her student, well-wisher, and her ever-accommodating husband Dr. Pradip Ghosh celebrated the virtual ‘Surangan Day-2021’ with a huge group of 86 participants. Surangan has aired four episodes through Facebook and YouTube. Each episode and each participant performed brilliantly. All the episodes were arranged through songs, recitations, dances. It was a wonderful presentation. Each episode was enjoyed by a huge number of viewers.

Rupa Ghosh, the founder of Surangan, is a well-known name in the city of Houston. Rupa had a small dream eleven years ago. Today, his relentless efforts to carry forward the tradition of music-loving Bengalis have turned from a child tree into a mahiruha, under whose umbrella Rupa has succeeded in inculcating innumerable students in the mantra of Rabindra Sangeet. There have been many ups and downs along the way. The pursuit of music has given him the motivation to move forward. Today Surangan is an established and well-known music school in Houston.

Ustad Salauddin Ahmed, Sounak Chattopadhyay, Kaderi Kibria, Riddhi Bandopadhyay, Aniruddha Sengupta, Mahadev Ghosh, Alok Dasgupta, Priyanka Barua, Priyam Nandi and many more made each episode interesting. Their songs, dances, recitations of poems were impeccable. Every audience enjoyed the show from start to finish. The presentation of each episode was excellent. Their performances and the songs and poems of the artists blended together.

Finally, the Surangan family deserves high praise for presenting another wonderful show that showcases true Bengali culture and creativity. Thanks to the enterprising, melodious, talented teacher and founder Rupa Ghosh for completing the difficult task of training young talents, most of whom were born and raised in the United States. At the end, Rupa Ghosh thanked all the participants and spectators. Hopefully next year Surangan will be able to program their annual program live in the presence of the audience.

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