Sushant Singh Rajput’s real reason for break-up with Ankita Lokhande


Why did Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput break up with his girlfriend of many years, TV actor Ankita Lokhande? The two were talking of their wedding plans till the shocking news of their break-up left fans off balance.

It seems the buzz has either tried to pin the separation on Ankita’s alleged drinking or Sushant’s, equally alleged, womanising. To address all the rumours, Sushant took to Twitter on Wednesday.

The actor said late on Wednesday that “how you remember” your life events is “more important” than what happens. He also made a point to ensure no one blamed Ankita for the break up, without naming her of course!

Ankita has also posted some cryptic tweets of late. It seems Ankita and Sushant, who reportedly separated about two months ago, are ready to make it official.

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