Swami Parthasarathy Presents Talk on Personal Rehabilitation

Houston: On Sunday, July 26th Swami Parthasarathy addressed the world on the topic of ‘Personal Rehabilitation, Concern to Composure’.  For 50 years, Swamiji has delivered a message in honor of Guru Purnima, normally to thousands of people in the auditoriums of India.  At the age of 93, for the first time online, Swamiji spoke to a global audience of more than 10,000 from his home in Pune.  Here are a few of the concepts Swamiji offered:

The tendency of humanity is to be extrovert rather than looking within.  This leads to a lack of self-management that has dire consequences. 

The educational system is only concerned with information as opposed to developing the intellect (buddhi).  Development of intellect alone allows one to manage oneself and relate to the world properly.

Living is a “skill, a technique, to be learnt and practiced as you would to play an instrument or fly an aircraft.”  But we do not bother to read the manual of life and living, which is Vedanta.  For an optimal life, one must read the manual as you would before using any gadget.

Without higher knowledge, we fall into selfish living.  Selfishness agitates and disturbs us.  Life is consumed with the selfish pursuit of acquisition and enjoyment, without regulation or moderation. This leads to a state of neutralization where no amount of external contact offers any more pleasure.

We blame the world for our unhappiness, thinking that a little bit more will make us happy.  We think ‘if I get that, I will be happy’.  That happiness never comes.  It is always just around the corner.  Therefore, develop your intellect to control your mind, never allowing your present happiness to be dependent on future acquisitions.

Attachment and possessiveness are the true virus destroying mankind.  About this universal virus, Swamiji said, “All the suffering is because of the virus of attachment. Nobody bothers about it!  What is coronavirus compared to the virus of attachment?!  It is killing everybody!  Destroying everybody!  60 – 70% of the western world is divorced.  There is no family life.  You can’t live with your own people.  Attachment and possessiveness is the cause.”

We are attached to possessions, partners, children, religion, everything.  It is the mind (manas) that gets attached to everything.  It can only be controlled by a well understood and well-developed intellect (buddhi).  So then how to develop the intellect?  First, one must question everything.  Second, we must not take anything for granted.  Third, enroll in the Vedanta Academy Elearning Course.  That will help develop the intellect and fortify the personality.  Within six months you will be less victimized by your own mind.

Swamiji concluded, “You make yourself, you mar yourself.  You are the architect of your fortune, you are the architect of your misfortune.  There is a tendency to blame everything except yourself.  Nothing in the world can disturb you except yourself.”.

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