Swapnil Agarwal’s Nitya Capital Acquires One Westchase Office Building

The Moment of pride for the CEO Swapnil Agarwal : Nitya Capital acquires another spectacular office building in Houston, the One Westchase Center.

Houston: For CEO and founder of Nitya Capital, Swapnil Agarwal, success and achievements never came easy. Coming from humble beginnings as a son of a working class Indian immigrant family in Houston, much of Swapnil’s youth was defined by observing and learning from the success of others. As he worked his first few jobs, Swapnil remembered vividly his weekly route for flyer distribution for his family’s small business in which he would always take a moment stare at the grand corporate office building across the street on Westheimer. Its majestic modern glass architecture was always bustling with accomplished, busy businessmen and women. This office complex represented everything Swapnil dreamed of becoming: a leader and a pillar in the business world.

Proud Moment for an Immigrant CEO Swapnil Agarwal : The Handwork, The Persistence and the vision turns all dreams into reality.

Today, Nitya Capital under Swapnil has just now acquired that very same corporate office building from all those years ago. Introducing One Westchase Center, Westheimer’s monumental 12 story business plaza! This incredible luxurious complex features unique pod floor plans of up to 20,000 square feet of space, a newly renovated lobby, abundant covered parking space, and 24-hour security services. In addition, business tenants will enjoy fantastic onsite amenities including deli, fitness center, and conference facilities. One Westchase is conveniently located mere minutes away from the Westchase Shopping Center, The Marriot, Hilton, as well as Beltway 8.

Just as One Westchase Center served to be an inspiration for Swapnil to grow and build his dreams of becoming an industry leader in the real estate world, so too will this same, newly renovated office complex serve to build the dreams of future business industry leaders!