Swine Flu On The Rise In Tamil Nadu: Stay Safe With These Home Remedies


The Tamil Nadu state already had their hands full with the Dengue cases, but there’s no respite for them as the H1N1 virus has swept them away, with almost 3000 cases being reported since January. This indicates a mammoth 32-fold increase since last year, when around 122 people were infected. Till the mid of July, this deadly virus has affected 13,188 people and has killed 632 of them. Compared to 1,786 infections and 265 deaths last year, it’s clear that the situation is worsening at a dreadful rate.

The conditions in other states is not much good. Tamil Nadu might lead the table for the highest detections of the virus, but Maharashtra had the highest mortality rate, around 300 deaths and 2,738 infections.

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Credit: ndtv.com