Tamal Krishna Goswami’s Vyasa Puja Celebrated at ISKCON Houston


By HG Sarvabhauma Das

HOUSTON: On Saturday June 29, 150 devotees gathered to honor the Vyasa Puja (Appearance Day) ceremony of His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami [1946-2002] at ISKCON Houston’s Hare Krishna Dham. Goswami served as secretary to ISKCON Founder-acarya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, was an initiating guru with disciples in India, America, Philippines, Fiji, Europe and Israel, helped develop the Houston and Dallas temples, and wrote many books including Living Theology, published recently by Oxford University Press.

Notable speakers included HH Kesava Bharati Goswami of Bhaktivedanta Ashrama in Govardhan, U.P., Sikhi Mahiti Das of ISKCON Atlanta, Radha Jivan Das of Alachua, Florida who heads an international campaign to complete ISKCON’s massive Temple of Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur, West Bengal by 2016, Kriya Sakti Dasi, caretaker of Tamal Krishna Goswami’s mother Lore who recently passed away in Houston in the presence of chanting devotees, Vatsala Das, Manikundala Dasi from Vrindavan, as well as many disciples of Goswami from Dallas and Houston.

A full scrumptious prasadam feast organized by Padaduli Dasi, Radha Krishna Das and Visakha Dasi, assisted by Hare Krishna Dhama’s youth group, was served.

For further details visit www.iskconhouston.org or Call 713-686-GITA (4482)