Taman Negara: Malaysia’s wild side


Did you know where the oldest rainforest is located? Well if you said Amazon, just like I did when asked this question, you are wrong! It is Taman Negara in Malaysia, which is over 130-million-years old rainforest. Taman Negara in Malay literally translates to ‘national park’. Covering 4343 square kilometres, this tropical rainforest spans over three states, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang in central Malaysia. The flora and fauna here have evolved naturally over millions of years, making the landscape like no other. Unsurprisingly, there can be no bigger thrill for a nature enthusiast like me than to explore this natural paradise.

A short boat ride took us to this beautiful forest, which is as green as it can get! In fact, as you approach this place, a strange sense of calmness seeps through and it is impossible not to feel a sense of being one with nature. A great way to explore the wild side of Malaysia is through jungle trekking, mount climbing, cave hopping, fishing, camping, night walk, canopy walk and more. Amongst the popular ecotourism destinations in the country, this place is a hot favourite.

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