Tamil Nadu Foundation Celebrates an Enchanting Valentine’s Day

HOUSTON: Tamil Nadu Foundation’s Houston Chapter celebrated Valentine’s Day during an afternoon of camaraderie among friends, highlighted by an artistic extravaganza of dances, interludes of music by Sargam Melodies, fashion show of hidden talents by local artists, and gestures of appreciation to service and seniority, over delicious treats of coffee, tea and snacks. The event was held at the San Jacinto South Campus on Sunday, February 24th.

The highlight of the evening was the scintillating performance by Eyakkam Dance Company from Dallas, under the title ‘Konjum Salangai’ (Enticing Anklets), who, as claimed by their title, treated the audience with an array of ‘enticing medley’ of dances. The endowed group of young and younger artists presented a most nostalgic collage of memorable masterpieces of yester years, from an era before any of them were even born.

The highlight of the evening was the scintillating performance by Eyakkam Dance Company from Dallas, under the title ‘Konjum Salangai’ (Enticing Anklets). All the organizers and associates of the Tamil Nadu Foundation gathered for a group photo after the Valentine’s evening performances.

Some of the exceptional pieces were the ‘dance duel’ by Annam and Lavanya, that offered us glimpses of the ever-memorable filmatic contest between Padmini and Vyjayanthimala for the movie Vanchicot Valiban, the Eyakkam Medley and the grand finale of Thillana by all the dancers of the troupe. The choreography was brilliant, the costumes were exquisite and the discipline and balance of the artists, impeccable. The dancing guests from Dallas presented the audience a treat that would be remembered for quite a while.

The professional musicians of Sargam Melodies rendered some pleasing songs that are always the audience’s favorites. Many wished that the music items alone could have been amply entertaining for an evening. But the surprising finale of the evening entertainment was the dance and music ensemble presented by about sixteen couples from TNF community, who mesmerized the gathering with an assortment of visually glamorous to enchanting display of talent as they performed to chosen cinematic songs most appropriate for an evening of Valentine love theme.

The evening of festivities was introduced by Mala Gopal with a brief explanation of the Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF) activities along with some video clippings. The Houston Chapter has been helping the ABC project of TNF, towards ‘Achieving grade level proficiency, Boosting the morale and Championing for higher aspirations’, and thus promoting the education of underprivileged rural students, especially of government schools, providing them with resources, programs and tools being the objectives of TNF.

Some of the initial leaders of TNF Houston chapter were acknowledged for their service and leadership, a few senior elderly mentor couples of the community were brought on the stage and offered flowers, the dear departed community member Meena Vairavan was honored by adorning a ponnada on husband Vairavan Subramanian, and a short presentation by the Tamil Chair followed.

The visiting Eyakkam artists were appropriately felicitated with mementoes and the enjoyable evening concluded with some lilting songs from the melody group.
Mala Gopal was the charismatic organizer of the event, who was ably assisted by other members of TNF introducing the items and performers, as Dr. Vaduganathan filled in as the MC with his inimitable style.

 The audience left contented with an evening of delightful entertainment and

with compassionate hearts motivated by the charitable deeds of TNF.