‘Tandav’: India’s Answer to ‘House of Cards’

Tandav has been billed as “India’s answer to House of Cards” by the Amazon Prime Video. Tandav will premiere on Friday, January 15 on Amazon Prime worldwide.

All nine episodes will drop at once, which means fans can watch the series in one go.

Sacred Games star Saif Ali Khan stars as Samar. Speaking about his character, Khan said: “The entertainment industry in India is going through a renaissance and stories like Tandav are at the forefront of this change.

“As an actor, for me, a good piece of dramatic writing and a compelling creation featuring grey characters is always exciting.”

Dimple Kapadia takes on the role of Anuradha in Tandav. Kapadia said: “Anuradha is the kind of character that I have never played before. “With multiple layers and so many characters, I hope this series intrigues and engages the audience.” Actor and comedian Sunil Grover stars as Gurpal.