Tantalize Your Taste Buds & Drool Over Nirmanz Food Boutique!


The Shah family

By Vanshika Vipin Varma

SUGAR LAND: There is no sincerer love than the love of food. We couldn’t agree more with George Bernard Shaw for sharing this wonderful quote, which most foodies would also love to agree with. For foodies every journey of a meal is an adventurous ride to fulfill their eclectic palate apart from sharing their #foodporn on Instagram. Savoring each morsel by relishing the aroma and engaging themselves in all that their food offers allows them to celebrate their plate. And celebration it is, each time you have a meal at the recently launched Nirmanz Food Boutique in Sugar Land hosted by Chef Nirman Shah, after the grand success of Kurry Walah in Katy & different branches of Chowpatty Chat across town. This eatery is a one-stop food-hub that serves mouth-watering chaats, flavorful curries, and finger licking South Indian and Indo-Chinese food and more. And barely six months from its launch this Bollywood themed franchised food-hub has already become a hot favorite of every one.


The creatively inclined Chef Nirman holds a degree in Food Technology and Hotel Management from the well renowned Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Ahmedbad (India). Before turning into a successful hotelier, he has worked as a Chief Chef at the famous Rambagh Palace Hotel in Jaipur. His passion for being creative with food coupled with his love for Bollywood is reflected in his famous restaurants. While the menus of Kurry Walah & Chowpatty Chat are styled after famous Bollywood phrases and their restaurant interiors depict Bollywood, Nirmanz Food Boutique outshines them all. Other than its vast selection of delectable items, Nirmanz Food Boutique presents a significant dining experience that catapults food-lovers to their Indian culture and roots.


Right from the time one steps into this cozy restaurant, the magical aura spellbinds them into a nostalgic escape to India. The attractive decor is an artistic reflection of Bollywood’s greatest cinematic hits, set on tall rectangular canvas, in earthy neutrals shades of orange, green & brown. Another magnetic zone of this eatery is an area that displays an auto rickshaw, a vintage classic Ambassador car, some bicycle parts, an Indian swing and some clear kegs of exotic pani-puri waters.  Camera ready foodies cheerfully click selfies around this corner, while their folks are busy munching on the savories. The decor and interior, and the menu style makes one realize that a lot of efforts have been taken to make it adorable, and give a true feeling of connecting back to India.  The taste is just right and nothing short of what is available back in India. In fact, the presentation and the creative aspects of all of the food items are also so unique that they make one fall in love, over and over again. Chef Nirman Shah believes that the presentation of food adds more value and taste to the meal, and that it must be served with a heart-felt warmth. All of the food items prepared in this upscale restaurant are of a world-class quality and authentic taste, seasoned and cooked to perfection by Chef Nirman himself. All the ingredients are fresh and made from scratch, and the dishes are prepared according to individual customer’s spice requirements. And all of these are available at prices that suit your pocket, making the entire experience a great value for money.


Hospitality and philanthropy is something that runs in the Shah family. While Chef Nirman’s wife Niyati, and their three lovely daughters Manushi, Aayushi and Shreyanshi always welcome everyone with a smile, not many know that behind their smiles is also their generous nature. The Shah family distributed a lot of free food to the Harvey victims, and they regularly provide either free food or food at lower costs for various charity events. In a conversation with Chef Nirman, when asked for the reason to start Nirmanz Food Boutique, he mentioned that cooking and serving people has always been his passion, and that he loves serving street food to get people connect back with their wonderful child-hood memories. The foods they serve are so loved and relished that people can eat these at least a couple of times in a week. While street food connects more with people, the interesting menu also offers some innovative items like Pani-puri Shots, Egg Gothala, Pizza dosas and more. Chef Nirman plans to add more items to his rich and delectable menu every few months.


The restaurant also specializes in customizing food for multiple occasions and they do onsite catering which also includes live stalls of chaats and dosas.  Manushi Shah (Chef Nirman’s oldest daughter) mentioned, that it has been a proud and a happy moment for the Shah family as after years of hard work and dedication their dream restaurant has turned into a reality. She also mentioned that this eatery is very close to their hearts as all of her father’s expertise has been clubbed into one captivating hub. And what more could they ask for than the loved restaurant being named after their beloved father!
There are several reasons that keep driving food-lovers to this so-called celebrity Chef’s den. So what’s your reason to get there this weekend?

Visit Nirmanz Food Boutique on www.nirmanz.com / www.facebook.com/chefnirman
For food orders call 832-532-0699 or for specialized catering orders call 1-855-647-6226.