TCC Spring 2023 Premier Tournament | Champions: ECC | Runners Up: Tuskers

Champions: ECC

HOUSTON: Who would have thought that a premier division final would have 36 overs bowled with only 193 runs scored for the fall of eighteen wickets. Who would have thought a team with an average playing age of 42.3 would end up victorious in the end.  This was a tightly contested final  in a once in a year ( once in a year for Divn I teams only ) , with twists and turns, ups and downs and plenty of good cricket.

Runners Up: Tuskers

The final was played on 19th August. It was the 8th final for ECC being champions 5 times in the past and 2nd successive final for Tuskers in Divn I. Having won the toss and knowing that Tuskers had a very strong batting lineup, ECC chose to field and tried to put Tuskers under pressure. Kiran Muppala gave a great start to ECC by claiming a first ball wicket.  Gihan, arguably one of the best batsmen of the tournament walked out to bat, to see Kiran and Manikanth bowl with such intensity and zeal. Kiran finally dismissed Gihan after a fiery spell of fast swing bowling to leave ECC on top. George kept wickets for ECC with seven dismissals. Subbu and Vishal continued to keep it very tight for ECC. Tuskers were never allowed to get going. Shan played a quick 21 off 16 for Tuskers, only to be dismissed by some excellent fielding and catching by ECC. Shankar and Vasu in their 16th year playing taped ball cricket in Houston set the field with impeccable precision. Venkat and Shankar the veteran wrapped things up for ECC, dismissing Tuskers for just 94.

What ECC thought would have been a cake walk, proved otherwise. The Tusker bowlers had another plan. Gihan was on fire and Sisindu was very accurate. Sisindu dismissed the inform batsman Vasu, who was looking in good form after driving Gihan’s fast one for a four. Ashok and Neeraj played a patient innings for a 33-run partnership. What looked like an easy victory for ECC, took a turn at this juncture. ECC lost five quick wickets for their next 16 runs, leaving the game in a very tight position. Sukitha, Gihan and Sisindu bowled their lives out in defending their low target. They were successful in keeping ECC under tremendous pressure with regular wickets. ECC’s captain Avinash with help from Vishal, kept his cool, and saw ECC home in the 20th over.

Not the most athletic team given their average playing age. Not the team with superstars.  ECC brought a mentality. They call each other family. Like a family they backed each other till the end.  Most players from this ECC squad had won the TCC finals in the past. And it was the confidence that ECC had in their team and each other, that led to this success.

ECC was awarded their sixth championship and the celebrations showed how much it meant to them.

The game was followed by a well-managed presentation ceremony organized by Jagdish Biradar. Avinash the captain of ECC was handed over the Championship trophy and the runners up trophy was handed over to the captain of Tuskers Geethike. Kiran from ECC was the MVP of the final. Tournament awards were also handed over. Avinash from ECC was nominated as the MVP of the tournament. Kusal from SLCC was the best batsman with 261 runs. Vissu from Masters was the best bowler with 14 wickets. Arun from Masters was the best wicketkeeper with 31 dismissals. Sukitha from Tuskers was the best All Rounder with 168 runs and 8 wickets. Special award for Hat-trick was given to Jay from Cougars. Special awards for centuries were given to Kusal from SLCC and Gihan (scored two centuries) from Tuskers. Dinesh from Gladiators was thanked and appreciated by one and all for his voluntary scheduling services for the benefit of the teams.

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