Ten misconceptions about Bhagavad Gita


The holy text of the revered Bhavagad Gita has been the Hindus pride for ages now and still continues to be. But, with the advent of more scientific reasoning, many have developed illusions and misconceptions about its concepts and essence. Surprisingly, countries like Russia even decided to ban the book, claiming it to be extremist. Maybe they didnt understand the language or maybe finding meaning in the words of the holy text is not in the ambit of the common man. Whatever, the reason, most of them have been accusing the Gita of the following felony:

Gita and its blunt value judgments

Many people who have simply browsed through the verses of Gita without understanding its meaning, have condemned it for its strong value judgments in using words like mudha (fool) and naradhama (lowest among human beings). Readers take these words for condemnation, when in reality they’re used for compassion. These words come from the basic intention for good for all elements in the world, only stated as your beloveds would reprimand you for things to make your realize your mistakes, not mock.

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Credit: timesofindia.speakingtree.in