Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive Movie Review


STORY: After quitting his thriving halwai business in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk to make a career in films, Sharma (Manish Paul) strikes gold with his directorial debut that features Paddhi (Pradhuman Singh), who is a spitting image of Osama Bin Laden. Osama’s untimely death shatters their plans of a sequel. Meanwhile, both FBI and a Mujhahideen organisation are hunting for the doppelganger.

REVIEW: Sequels always run the risk of falling short of expectations. In 2010, Tere Bin Laden emerged as surprise hit with its abundant laughs and particularly smart writing. This time director Abhishek Sharma is hardly able to conjure up an equally enticing story. The chuckles are fewer and the wit from the first part is nowhere to be seen.

Franchises are mostly created for moolah and that could be a valid reason for this sequel as well, but with the lack of an effective story to go with it, the results aren’t appealing.

The humour is rather low-IQ and most gags are far from enjoyable. The laughs are fewer and restrict themselves primarily to the first half. A certain Olympia-e-dehshat is the only one scene that will have you in splits. There is something funny about a bomb relay race and watching terrorists compete to win a suicide jacket personally autographed by Osama. Their starstruck eyes are bound to tickle your funny bones.

A good part of the first hour features Ali Zafar who is nothing like the clever man you remember from the 2010 original. He plays an arrogant superstar who dances to an odd item number about his six-pack abs. Manish Paul is earnest but the television host inside him outdoes the actor. Sikander Kher in his dual role is seen having a ball of a time, which reflects in his performance. Iman Crosson and Piyush Mishra are absolutely wasted. And, Pradhuman Singh is endearing in his part.

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