Texas Hindu Campsite Begins Phase 1 Construction

Past camp directors from left to right: Bharat Pallod, Abhimanyu Aggarwal, Rishi Bhutada, Namita Pallod, Vivek Shukla, Maulik Shah, Sagar Patel, Ronak Shah

COLUMBUS, Texas: The first Hindu campsite in the U.S., established in Columbus, Texas, is embarking on the first construction phase.

The goal is to raise $4.5 million to complete the campsite to accommodate up to 200 campers and counselors including cabins, kitchen and dining hall, auditorium with classrooms, swimming pool, basketball court, expanded lake, and other gaming facilities.

A few donors have contributed $1 million to buy the 37 acres of land to build the campsite to  hold Hindu Heritage  youth (HHYC) camps. The HHYC camps have been very popular and  it is becoming increasingly hard to find campsites. This campsite will allow to hold multiple HHYC camps to meet increasing demand of Hindu families.  This campsite will be used by any organization to hold  camps and Yoga/Meditation retreat.

As the first campground built with the Hindu American in mind, the Texas-Hindu Campsite will serve as a bridge between all of the Hindu communities across Texas that are in need of a uniquely Hindu place of gathering.

A campsite devoted to Hindu usage is a resource the Texas Hindu community has been missing for decades. With the goal to give the Texas Hindu community an asset in the development of future generations, this campground is meant for the betterment of future generations.

This campsite is being built with the future of Hinduism in mind, while paying tribute to the centuries of tradition and values that have come before.

In 1985, Hindu Youth Heritage Camp was a one-day camp attended by a hand-full of community members. Today, HHYC hosts five-day sessions of 200 campers, led by 50-60 volunteer youth counselors. This year HHYC had 240 campers and 60 counselors.

It is solely due to the generosity and dedication of previous donors that the organization has come this far. Now, more donors are needed to bring this dream to life.
The impact on the future generations will be everlasting. Having a hand in the building of this campsite will be an eternal mark of the power of Hindus when they come together.

Rajiv Satyal, a comedian who opened for PM Modi Ji’s public event in Los Angeles will be entertaining the attendees.

Gala Chair is Subhash and Sarojini Gupta. Co-chairs are Maneesh Mehra , Rishi Bhutada,  Nikita Malani Shukla and Bharat Pallod. All of them were camp directors .  All the major temples, community and Hindu organizations are participating.

Join the fundraising Gala for Texas Hindu Campsite on October 1, 2023 at the Gujarati Samaj of Houston at 5 pm. The evening promises to be memorable with friends and family as we create a place of empowerment for all Hindus.