Texas Kashmiri Hindus Observe Exodus Day

By Amit Raina

HOUSTON: Texas Kashmiri Hindus of Houston held a memorial to commemorate their exodus & genocide that started long ago before the horrendous night of Jan 19,1990 when they were hounded  out of their homes. Even after 34 years of exile, the community is still waiting to be recognized as Genocide Survivors. It was attended by dignitaries from all walks like politicians , academicians, physicians, teachers, etc.

The highlight of the event was the Texas Kashmiri Pandits resolve to Texas Kashmiri Hindus Observe Exodus Day, keep on their fight against injustice and fake narratives. And to keep on reminding the world about the power of resilience & education over guns & ignorance.

The event was held at Ashtalakshmi Temple, Sugar Land and was attended by representatives from various organizations. The program started with an Introduction, followed by Anthems, Diya Lighting, presentations and Candle light vigil to mark the honor and sacrifice of Kashmiri Hindu martyrs. A special photo gallery was created in honor of those who laid down their lives for the nation.