‘Thank You For Coming’ : This Sex Comedy is Funny Yet Impactful

By Dhaval Roy

Story: In this coming-of-age story, a 32-year-old die-hard romantic settles for an arranged marriage after a spate of failed relationships. She invites her ex-lovers to her engagement ceremony and, by the end of the boozy night, experiences her first orgasm. The night turns out to be a journey of introspection and exploration of love and female pleasure.

Review: Director Karan Boolani’s film follows Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar), a 32-year-old woman still looking for a man who can fulfil her desires in bed. Failing to find one, she blames herself as a ‘defective piece.’

Tired of being labelled with unceremonious monikers and convinced she will never have a fairytale romance, Kanika decides to marry a successful but ordinary guy. Will she finally find her prince charming, who will sweep her off her feet and satisfy her carnal pleasures? As the story unfolds, she deals with more confusion during an event on her roka (pre-engagement) ceremony that makes her question who is the right one — one of her ex-lovers or fiance?

Radhika Anand and Prashasti Singh’s story is more than just a sex comedy. It addresses issues like peer pressure and how women should make peace with not having an orgasm – a subject rarely discussed in our society, even behind closed doors. And it brings up these sensitive subjects while being ultra-glamorous and funny. At times, it feels infuriating when you see what almost everyone — from teenagers like Kanika’s bestie Tina Das’s (Shibani Bedi) daughter to even senior single women like her mother, Dr Kapoor (Natasha Rastogi) often go through as fiercely independent women. The movie is also peppered with funny one-liners such as “GST nahin, apni maang bhar,” and Kanika’s tendency to fall for older as well as younger guys from “wheelchair to pram.”

Bhumi Pednekar is perfectly cast as someone who has inherited her mother’s strength and feministic streak without being aware of it. She is a prototype of someone who deals with self-doubt and runs herself down but refuses to compromise on whom she considers eligible. Though her lovers remind her of her strength, it seems more latent, and she portrays it in just a one-off instance. As her BFFs, Dolly Singh and Shibani Bedi, are funny and perform well in the emotional scenes, too. Kusha Kapila, as one of the quintessential mean girls, is also great in a brief role. It’s a delight to see Anil Kapoor as Kanika’s much older lover (and her minus one after their breakup) and someone who loves Gulzar saab. Shehnaaz Gill performs well as a self-assured young girl who unabashedly admits that a girl should seek out pleasure.

QARAN and Hanita Bhambri dish out a banger of a soundtrack, especially Sunita Rao’s Pari Hoon Main redux, featuring Sushant Divgikar, which is brilliantly shot.

Often raunchy in its content, the movie delivers the message of self-love through female pleasure. The sex comedy is a fun ride and worth watching for its bold and rarely-seen-in-our-cinema theme. — Times of India