The 36th Miss India USA Pageant



EDISON, NJ: On December 17th, the Miss India USA Texas team rose up as stars at the 36th Miss India USA pageant held at Royal Alberts Palace in Edison, New Jersey. It’s organized by Dharmatma and Neelam Saran of IFC who also organize Miss India Worldwide and Sage Productions holds the franchise for Texas. The show was filled with talented women who feel empowered to utilize the platform to raise their voices about various causes. The show also featured the 4th Mrs. India USA and Teen India USA pageant.


Prerana Chitlangia is the current reigning Mrs. India USA Texas and she was crowned as the first runner up for Mrs. India USA. Madhulika Prakash was titled Mrs. Popular and Preethy Sajeev was applauded for her grace and poise. In the Miss Category, Priyanka Sharma was selected as the top 10 Miss India USA contestants and was applauded for her amazing dance as her talent. Hinna Akhter was titled Miss Photogenic. In the teen category Aabha Singh was selected as the top 5 contestant and applauded for her mesmerizing voice as she sang Fire to the rain by Adele as her talent and Celina Rahim was titled Miss Beautiful Smile.

Team Texas was supported by Sage Productions and powered by Texans Energy and the DGN Factory. The representatives from Texas were invited to Manyavar Mohey USA NJ and were celebrated for being strong, talented and humble women. DJ Sage’s beats rocked the Royal Alberts Palace with upbeat music. Shree Saini was crowned Miss India USA. Shree endured the physical and emotional pain of getting a pacemaker at the age of 12 and then dealt with bullies since she was unable to dance or play sports with other children. Shree learnt at an early age to stand up for herself and others and today, she is an anti bullying activist and is a beautiful ballet dancer. She wants to utilize the platform and her title to spread awareness about the effects of bullying and hopes to bring about a positive change. She is an inspiration and motivation to everyone and her strength is evident in her positive attitude towards life.

Shree will be visiting Houston, Texas in 2018 and she looks forward to meeting some community leaders along with her friends from Miss India USA Texas.