The Journey of Chakra Meditation


HOUSTON: Despite all its popularity, today very few of us truly know what “Meditation” is. Some say it is a mental concentration on something, others consider that when we meditate we imagine something that gives us peace and satisfaction. To enlighten the concept of meditation, one day workshop was conducted by Dr. Preeti Mandawewala at India House, Houston on 10th September, 2017 which received an overwhelming response. This event was co-sponsored by India House, Houston. It was a pleasure seeing people being engrossed in the subject as Dr. Preeti took them through the journey of Chakra Meditation which they found interesting and informative. It was an interactive session where even people shared their thoughts, questions and got the answers they were looking for. As the reputation stands, Chakra Dhyana meditation is responsible in restoring peace and happiness in people’s lives by showing them the path to overcome their ailments, emotional problems, work & stress related problems and many more. It has been observed that people who have incorporated Chakra Dhyana Meditation in their daily routine have managed to gain control over ailments like high blood pressure, asthama, migraine & acidity, arthritis, cramps / pain in joints etc. In addition to ailments it also helps in overcoming emotional disorders such as anger, insecurity, greed, fear, lust, low self – confidence and ability to make decisions. Our bodies are like complex worlds within worlds. We know they begin and end, and yet they are vast and full of mysteries, which we may never understand. No machine has ever been devised by a human that is as complex or clever as our own body.


The ancient system of CHAKRAS is a way to understand us. There is an incredible amount of subtle interaction going on all the time. The Chakras are pranic centres within the human framework and inside each person. There are countless Chakras. However only few are utilized in yogic practices. These few are the ones which cover the full range of a person’s being from the gross to the subtle. These main Chakras are:

• The Root (Mooldhara) Chakra.
• The Sacral or spleen (Swadhisthan) Chakra.
• The Naval or solar (Manipura) Chakra.
• The Heart (Anahata) Chakra.
• The Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra.
• The Third eye or Bow (Agya) Chakra.
• The Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra.

Chakras cannot be described from a materialistic or physical view. As these are both real and symbolic. They suggest two things

• They are representative of the centres of subtle energies (Prana) within the pranic body of the human, each Chakra being associated with Pranic energy at a specific frequency level. Each Chakra is a switch, which turns on or opens up specific levels of mind.
• They are the gateways to increasingly higher states if awareness. That is the Chakra symbolizes different levels of awareness in a human being, from the more natural realms associated with the root chakra (Mooldhara) to the more spontaneous realms associated with the Bow Chakra (Ajna). They symbolize the spiritual path.

These two aspects are really two different ways of saying the same thing, for management and control of Prana in any of the centres will produce a matching state of awareness. Conversely, a specific state of awareness will produce Prana to dominate at the corresponding Chakra. Each is directly related to the other.

Meaning of the Chakras:
• The Chakras are an indication of the fullest potential of each and every person.
• They indicate that a human can surpass his individual limitations.
• Science has generally accepted that a human uses very little of his potential and the Chakras are clear indicators of this fact.
• The lowest of the human Chakras, the Mooldhara, represents the level in man where there are severe limitations both in knowledge and the ability to act.
• The higher Chakras show how a man can gradually exceed current limitations and go beyond the present notions of him. Thus the higher Chakras represent higher levels in range of understanding, harmony, bliss, identification and knowledge.

As you get deeper into Chakra Meditation, you will begin to relax. You will feel at peace and stop thinking about your worries, even if it is just for a little while as you meditate. As you go deeper, the Chakras in the body start getting balanced, you will begin to find a way around the fearful “ego” part of your personality and begin to get in touch with that part of your being that is at peace, happy and free.

The workshop lasted almost 8 hours with many requests to return soon and visit more cities on next tour. Dr. Preeti plans to return for her next workshop in USA during the spring of 2018.

You can reach her through the Chakra Dhyana Meditation facebook page or email her on