The Journey to the Ultimate Success


Swami Mukundananda

HOUSTON: “The progressive realization of a worthy goal is success. Hence, enjoy the journey; do not develop a destination disease,” expounded Swami Mukundananda ji in the Life Transformation Program (LTP) 2016 – Grow from Within to Succeed in Life. It was a free, 7-day community program from August 20 to 26 at India House.

In this LTP 2016 program, Swamiji took us on an ecstatic and heart-searching inner journey! While diving deep into the scriptures on one hand and drawing examples from contemporary real-life situations on the other, Swamiji explained how true knowledge creates the paradigm with which we perceive the world and determine the parameter for success.  “Each day I listened to Swamiji, something clicked within me and I experienced a major breakthrough!” exclaims Champa Sriram. “He has given me some practical tools to use in this journey. My sincere gratitude to Swamiji and the wonderful team of volunteers for putting this program together,” she adds.


Accentuating that all of us wish to grow, and that “it is an auto script God has installed within each of us,” Swamiji unraveled the code of this God-given script, which leads us to the ultimate success.  Success is not the last step; success begins with every step, as long as our goal is meaningful. In this ‘age of the half-read page,’ do not become one of those processionary caterpillars that march in a circle until they perish with exhaustion and starvation, although their food is only a few inches away, warned Swamiji.


The key to success is deciding on a meaningful goal. Therefore, “decisions are the nodal points in the journey of life.” We make decisions based on our value system – the way Accentuating twe value family, money, God, conscience, others’ happiness, etc.  So, it is imperative we get our values in order first, he emphasized. Our values depend on our beliefs. There is no one under the sun who is bereft of beliefs. While one believes in one’s senses and intellect that are prone to imperfections, another chooses to believe in the authority of the divine scriptures and saints. These beliefs are the ones that determine the course of our life, so it is of paramount importance to install and cultivate these beliefs based on good knowledge. Thus, knowledge determines the paradigm of success. In his 7-day discourse, Swamiji presented that knowledge – the paradigm of how inner growth leads to success – illuminating the path to inner victories! He handed off pragmatic techniques on how to:

Unleash the power hidden within us

•Manifest the God-given potential
•Be proactive not reactive, and take charge of our life
•Master the art of building healthy relationships
•Face hardships with serenity and faith in God’s wisdom
•Focus on self-growth to attract favorable circumstances in our life
Besides the enlightening discourses, the relaxing yoga and meditation sessions, the melodious kirtans of the Lord, and the blissful company of Swamiji left us all with big smiles on our faces and with a sense of calm and serenity.

Swami Mukundananda will be re-visiting Houston for 1 day on October 18.
For more details visit or call 281-630-5982 or 832-377-6070.