The New OFBJP President Unveils Plans for – “Mission 2014 – BJP 272 Plus”


TAMPA, FL: Chandrakant Patel, a well-known Indian American community activist from Tampa, Florida, took over the responsibility as the President of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) in USA from January 01, 2014. OFBJP is the biggest chapter of the Bharatiya Janata Party outside of India.
Chandrakant Patel has been leading several ethnic Indian organizations, temple trusts, and other charity organization in various capacities in USA. His dedicated service to the community is well noted both in USA and India. Patel, who practiced law in India before arriving in the US 25 years ago, runs an electronics and microchip manufacturing business called Axon Circuits.
Since his childhood days, Patel was involved in social and political arena in India. He held several positions in BJP including District General Secretary and City President. He has been serving as a patron of Manava Adhikar Aayog in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh since 1985, an organization that conducts seminars and gives annual awards to honest and dedicated bureaucrats and police officers.
Patel does charity work for socially deprived and orphaned children in India. He also runs hostels for poor girls through “Seva Bharati” in his home state of Chhattisgarh. He recognized the importance of education in his remote tribal district in Chattisgarh state and established an “Arts and Commerce College” teaching up to post-graduate level courses and a “Nursing College” in his mother’s name, providing free education to poor girls. He also lends help to the local bar association library and schools libraries in his district. He received several awards for the past several years.
As he assumed the responsibility as the OFBJP President, he laid focus on OFBJP planning aimed at helping BJP win the ensuing parliamentary elections in India this year under the dynamic leadership of visionary Narendra Modi and make Modi the Prime Minister of India.
Chandrakant Patel reminded that Narendra Modi addressed the annual OFBJP national convention help at Tampa, Florida in September 2013 through a satellite video. “The theme of the conference was “Mission 2014: BJP 272+”, a reference to the party’s ambition to secure absolute majority on its own in the 543-member Lok Sabha”, Patel said. During the live address to the Indian Diaspora, Modi urged the OFBJP workers and BJP sympathizers to visit the new website and learn about BJP’s efforts to defeat Congress and its allies and usher in a new era in India. He said that 2014 elections are not about any post but to wipe the tears of the poor. and OFBJP are online and on-ground volunteering platform to help BJP in its mission towards gaining over 272 seats, absolute majority in the Lok Sabha.
Chandrakant Patel said that OFBJP volunteers in the US will make phone calls to friends and relatives back home in India, and seek their support for the BJP. “Each volunteer is expected to make at least 200 calls”, he said. “Thousands of volunteers are getting ready to work for “Mission 2014 – BJP 272+” in US and some of them are traveling to India to campaign for the BJP”, he added.