The Skin Specialty Series: Part I


“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or is it?
How Looking Good Can Keep You Feeling Better

By Bessie M. David

HOUSTON: Healthy skin care is not only essential to preventing skin disease, acne or skin cancer; having good skin can make you feel better about yourself.  Men and women alike can benefit from a good skin care regimen.

There are three basic steps to healthy skin; Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize.  Within each step is the opportunity to use the beauty industry’s “tricks of the trade” to improve the tone and texture for your individual skin needs.  You can also take steps to prevent further damage.

When choosing products it’s important to know your skin type.  Your skin is either normal, oily, dry or a combination of one or more.  We are each born with a skin type; however as we age, our skin texture and tone can change to include acne, dehydration, sensitivity, sun-damage and aging.  Therefore both type and texture/tone should be considered in your product purchase.

Step 1 – Cleanse (1-2 times per day)
Cleansing your face a minimum of once daily is essential.  Standing in the shower does not represent a true facial cleanse as many would like to believe.  A proper skin regimen includes the right type of cleanser for your individual needs and a few extra minutes to emulsify the product into the skin.  Rinsing completely with tepid water and a couple splashes of cool water will refresh your skin and get you going for the day.  The philosophy behind proper cleansing is to remove traces of dirt, grime, makeup and acne- causing bacteria from your skin.  If you wear make-up, work-out, and/or spend time outdoors; cleansing twice daily is imperative to keeping your skin healthy.  Your skin will benefit greatly from a night time cleanse after a hard days’ work.  Cleansing at night prepares your skin for the regenerating process that your body goes through during sleep.  To help maintain the habit of daily cleansing you can add this to your morning and evening routine.

Step 2 – Exfoliate (2-3 Times per week)
It is important to exfoliate your skin.  Exfoliation is a deeper cleansing step that helps to remove the dead skin cells which accumulate daily.  Exfoliation exposes the new, healthy skin cells and prevents clogged pores resulting in blackheads, pimples and dull, lifeless skin.  Our skin completely sheds and regenerates about every 30 days.

There are two types of exfoliation: Chemical and Mechanical.  Products containing salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid would be considered a chemical exfoliation.  Mechanical exfoliation is the use of machines (Microdermabrasion) or rotating facial brushes (Clarisonic) to manipulate the product onto your skin.  A washcloth is also considered a mechanical means of exfoliation.

Benefits of Exfoliation:
Brightens skins
Allows deeper penetration of moisturizers
Removes dead skin and embedded oil, dirt & makeup
Removes acne causing bacteria

Step 3 – Moisturize (1-2 times per day)
The last step before heading out the door is to moisturize.  Moisturizers provide hydration to the skin and aid in protecting the skin from the elements of pollution, sun, weather, etc.   Everyone going outdoors should always apply sunscreen to your face whether or not you can actually see the sun.  Prevention is always our first line of defense.

Daytime moisturizer – Includes a product containing sunscreen

Night time moisturizer – Products that repair and moisturize the skin

Your skin is the body’s largest and fastest growing organ and proper care can greatly influence your physical and mental health.  For most women, our face is the canvas on which we apply makeup and should be clean and clear to allow our outward beauty to reflect our inner beauty.  Our emotions radiate through our skin and you will feel different when your face is in the best health it can be.