The Spectacular Utsavam at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple, Houston


By Chittoor K. Ramachandran

HOUSTON: Greater Houston is looking forward to this season of Indian cultural extravaganza. Year after year, this is the time hundreds of families from nearby towns look forward to rush to Sri Guruvayurappan Temple. The annual festival (Utsavam) of this temple falls this year during April 26 through May 5.  Unique style of rituals and certain art forms presented in this festival are distinct from other Hindu temple celebrations.  Although Sri Guruvayurappan Temple at Houston has been in existence only for less than 10 years, one can notice a tremendous increase in the number of visitors attending the events in this festival.

Year 2018 Utsavam is special because of the extended (initial four days) of rituals associated with the addition of a new shrine within the Temple to worship Sri Shiva. Several priests, professional ‘melam’ percussionists, classical musicians, and associated volunteers have already started turning the temple surroundings into a festival ground. Every evening has been filling a temple with devotees and art lovers.

From the first day of Utsavam that begins formally with flag hoisting ceremony, enormous activities of Utsavam begin. Series of a variety of classical music concerts, daily precessions around the temple with traditional chenda melam. The stage in the temporarily raised tent will serve as the shelter for conducting all cultural events.  Classical music and dance recitals, and several rare art forms like Kathakali, Ottam thullal, and Chakyar kooth will be featured during the festival. A variety of melams will be played almost all evenings that would make this event a spectacular event.  The events will be concluded with a grand display of firework.  

Please visit for details of the festival. Or call (713) 729-8994. Address 11620 Ormandy St, Houston TX 77035