Therapeutic Music Concert Organized By IACAN


HOUSTON: IACAN strives to meet the emotional and Physical needs of cancer survivors so they can regain back their productive lives.  IACAN organizes several therapeutic activities such as yoga, gardening, painting and music for the survivors. The underlying reason for conducting these therapeutic activities is to educate, entertain, help ease the pain and provide opportunity to exchange relevant information among survivors and care givers. This “Buddy System” gives an emotional boost and a sense of wellbeing to the participants. One such activity was the music concert on Saturday, February 17.

Professional singers, Mani Sastry and Krishna Prasad of Nada Vinoda Music Academy of Houston graciously volunteered to entertain everyone with their melodious music. The program was held at Madras pavilion, Sugar Land. President, Kumari Susarla welcomed the audience and introduced the singers.

The evening started with Mani Sastry’s prayer song. The audience was mesmerized by their wonderful voices and the beautiful love songs they sang from various movies. These singers are talented and in order to please everyone in the audience, they sang in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. The audience enjoyed each and every song thus showing that music transcends language and all other barriers.  Since February is a month of love, they chose some of the best love songs for the evening.


These kind of old songs bring back memories of India and good old days, which are at the back of the mind of many Indians living in USA. The high point of the program was when Mani sang a song in two different languages and the transition from one to the other was so well orchestrated that many did not even notice the change. The singers fulfilled the audience’s special requests and the hall was filled with wonderful heartwarming, nostalgic music. The program was well attended and the audience did not want the evening to end. Thanks and Kudos to these wonderful, talented singers! 

The participants enjoyed a sumptuous dinner including tasty appetizers. Mahesh Shah of Madras Pavilion was very kind to provide with a delicious meal and the ambiance of the hall was just right for such a beautiful evening. While the belly enjoyed the dinner, the music enchanted the mind. IACAN thanks Madras Pavilion for their continued support.
Sarvesh Bhavaraju, the secretary of IACAN gave the vote of thanks. The talented musicians enthused the audience so much so, a young lady from the audience wanted to sing a song as well. Everyone enjoyed her song. She is a budding musician!  The program ended on time at 9:00 PM.

IACAN aims to help the survivors and their caregivers. Many such wonderful programs are in the pipeline. This program became a success because of wonderful audience and talented singers. IACAN appreciate everyone’s continued support and participation. IACAN feels it is the community, the survivors and their caregivers who encourage the organization to bring such wonderful programs and looks forward to bring more of such programs.