These Papus Can Party, Sala!

papus 1in

SUGAR LAND: What’s in a name, you might ask? When it’s a name – in this case a nickname – that is common among Punjabis (who love to give everyone nicknames like Cuckoo, Biloo, Dolly, Bawa, Gatoo, Rosie, Sunny)  – and by chance they should meet together, then you’ve got something going. Just so happened that someone mentioned this reporter by his nickname and another person who overheard him yelled out, “Hey, my brother’s a Papu too! Hey Subodh, get over here!!”. Subodh yelled back, “What? You’re kiddin’ me!” Sharma standing nearby chimed in, “Hey I’m a Papu too! Born and raised in Ludhiana but of South Indian stock!” Sunil Khurana heard the commotion and volunteered, “Hey guys, I’m a Papu too!” Pretty soon, the four Holiday Party revelers this past Saturday, December 5, were posing together for a picture of their newly found brotherly bond! The gregarious Papus are, from left, Sunil Khurana, Sharma (last name lost in party making), Jawahar Malhotra and Subodh Bhuchar.

Jawahar Malhotra